Should Belief be Blind?

  • A very irritating question and thought that disturbs me a lot. I 'believe' that belief is built after getting answered. But if it is based on skepticism how it is 'Belief'?

    What belief really is? Is it (or it should be) really Blind?

    (NOTE: This discussion is not pointing to religion)

  • Any belief not based on critical examination is not belief but a WHIM.

    Regardless whether it is religious or non-religious- any belief must withstand critical examination.

    The dictum that God said that and you must believe it as we tell you will not play in today's world since prophets do not come any more.

  • What is a WHIM?

  • Whim

    a temporary fancy or eccentricity

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @LifeH2O: (1) I don't have the answer to your question, right now.

    (2) If belief of people of today was 'built' after 'getting answered', then by that definition all human beings should have 'accepted' Islam, become Muslims long long! ago.

    No, today's belief is not based on 'getting answered'. I'm sorry. That is a lie.

    I have seen people fill cupboards full of reports, in companies, in Govt. institutions, in organizations all around the world. Those reports show the 'best' 'coarse of action' to take. But is that 'best' 'coarse of action' adopted ? No, it is not.

    No, today's belief is not based on 'getting answered'. I'm sorry. That is a lie.

  • The dictum that God said that and you must believe it as we tell you will not play in today's world since prophets do not come any more.

    If there were prophets today, what will be the condition of belief then?

  • Today is a very different world but different in different parts of this world.

    There are still places where people have a great desire to believe in something which helps them lead a good life based on good principles of a belief system put forth by a decent human being. And people will follow.

    But the new religion is science which means anything you might put in front of people will have to go through a very critical examination based on the scientific method and I doubt if any and I do mean any religion can withstand that kind of inquiry and come out unscathed.

    That of course does not mean that there might not be people who will refuse to have their religion subjected to an examination under the excuse of that it is God's word and cannot be questioned.

    Try to imagine today if Islam came here. Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab would probably own the TV channels and could spew out vicious propaganda as they did during the times of the Prophet.

    And they would be more effective today just like there are a lot of people who believe everything GEO or AAJ or Dunya TV says.

    I do not know if I have answered the question but I tried

  • Blind is not the right word. What we can't see with human eye is usually considered as blind. But the terminology in this case stems from Ghaib meaning unseen. So many things in this world we cant see yet they function and sustain life. The soul is one that comes to mind but we believe in it "blindly" as it is one of the unseen which we can't see with human eye. So when we believe it is two pronged -Observation and Revelation. If we believe in revelation from God Almighty we can feel satisfaction that it is there but we can't see.

    What happened before big bang in the universe? If we are believers or with a belief system we can say Allahu Alam. Allah knows bext as it is unseen as He describs that in revelation. On the other hand the scientist who is mostly atheist has no clue what happened befor big bang bu a believer is satisfied it is unseen-alghaib and feels satisfied based on hi sbelief system or in this case blind belief.

    BTW, riddles of life and death and universe and beyond cannot be interpreted solely on observation. We need to invoke God Almighty in answers to such questions. In Islam, deen (not religion) is like soul and if you take it out or ignore it and try to discuss anything you will get more confused.

  • just to add more to AR's post above:

    a person above claims "But the new religion is science.."

    what he doesn't know is that now a days science is a religion :)

  • If you are good in lying to yourself then it is ok to have a blind belief.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Those who claim 'science' is a 'religion', do not understand many things, many realities.

  • Was Allama Iqbal lying when he said:

    Dhoondne wala sitaroun ki guzargahoun ka

    apni afkaar ki dunya ka safar kar na saka

    The meaning here is that the scientist is exploring the vastness of universe but cannot comprehend his own existence. How true were th ewords of Allama written 60 years back.

  • brother khan

    what is your point? here is my point:

    enjoy :)

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    My point is, they don't know or don't bother to know how 'economics' works, how 'money' is 'created', how money rules over them, how it is so easy to 'wipe' them or their 'scientific' power 'out'.

  • Hariskhan

    What are you smoking today? or you are already high on something ;)

  • belief has nothing to do with religion?? is that you meant in the topic? how?

  • No , belief should give you the Beenai .

    should not get you blind .

  • "based on skepticism"


    Better spill it out like this: based on unknown.

    If there is skepticism, there is no belief.

  • Belief is conviction that must never be blind.

  • Shimatoree, seems to me you've met your match in LifeH. He never shrinks from asking any question which enters his head. And you have a talent for prodding people to question things they'd taken for granted.

    Salam Sahib, thanks for reposting the physics debate. It was one of the most enjoyable things we have had on this blog in recent times.

    One question from me to all: Has God never spoken directly to any of my fellow bloggers here? Has no one ever felt his presence as tangibly as they might touch a table or as visibly as one might see the light? Never heard His voice floating down to our ears through that most beautiful of things, the Azan? Or even felt their own soul reach out within them and twist their hearts?

    N.B. I require no answer to my above question. It was so to speak rhetorical and on topic. Faith is not necessarily blind, not necessarily based on scientific examination. It may result from a direct experience of an inexplicable phenomenon of being touched by grace.