Target killing in karachi again intensifies: Rioters burning Karachi


    A Shia guy involved in murder of Maulana Muhammad Yousuf Ludhianvi was gunned down in Rizvia yesterday(19th),since then almost 17 people have been gunned down in different parts of Karachi. Things were relatively calm today(Monday) and traffic and business activity remained normal with exception of Rizvia and Golimar, where shops remained closed all day,but no violence was reported till evening. In the evening around Maghrib time funeral service of that Shia guy took place,funeral procession was provided with heavy police and rangers escort and dozens of ambulances and security mobiles gave them cover.. Once the funeral was over and every one was being escorted back to their area in Rizvia Nazimabad ,violent Shia mobsters started burning and destroying public property,vehicles and public transport.

    Fires were shot at rangers and they responded and 2 arsonists were shot dead. Same thing happened near Liaquatabad Dak-khana where TPO(town police officer) gunned down 2 more violent shia arsonists destroying public property.

    During evening rush hour both the main roads from M A Jinnah road towards Nazimabad passing through Rizvia and from M A Jinnah Road towards Liaquatabad and onwards were blocked because of violence which resulted in massive traffic jam..Most of the commuters coming back from work were stuck in gridlock for hours.

    17 killed as violence erupts in Karachi

  • Some MQM activists were also killed