Fire Ijaz Butt now.

  • Mockery after mockery of Pakistan.

    What wrong does this POS(piece of Sh..) have to do to get fired.

    England team did not accuse of spot-fixing, it was ICC. How come he is blabbing about English board which you are a mehmaan too they are allowing you to making money for to fill your own pockets. Openly there is talk about Pakistan being banned, English players don't want to play us, South Africa players don't want to play us....

    Are we going to have to wait until we get banned that Butt-ocks is fired or does this gov't have to fall before we see the back side of Butt-ocks?

  • Agree 100%

  • Fire Butt and bring Rasheed latif or some one like Majid Khan....

    how we gona deal R latif who support MQM and Majid khan's cousin is Imran Khan.

    I hope some one in England is doing full investigation and get higher up in pcb with Asif Amir and salman butt

  • Agreed with the title of the thread

    Bring life ban, heavy fines, confiscation of property and couple of years jail sentences for match/spot fixers.

    Our talent is being wasted because of some corrupt players and especially incompetent board officials.

  • Well Pakistan won again last night so I guess Butt is going to come out with another accusation against Enland.

    In his last one, I found it funny that by accusing England team for losing intentionally, he was taking credit away credit from his team for winning the match. And what was funnier was him calling his own boys "a destroyed side". Well, Mr. Butt, that very "destroyed team" WON a match, which your not-destroyed one couldn't do...

  • there are many in the queue who needs to get fired .

    lets see ,when Eijaz Butt gets his turn to get fired ?

  • there is no doubt he must be fired....but the qst is what type of 'fired'?

    i will not support MQM/terrorist style 'fired'...... but fired as in kicked out of the job!

  • @1lhr haha good one.. Both Butt and his comrade Yawar Saeed should be fired(both political appointees).

  • Maybe his stupid outburst had to do with English players/board's attitude.


    Wahab Riaz, Jonathan Trott come to blows


    "How much are you going to make from the bookies today?" Trott reportedly asked Riaz.


    Pakistan match-fixing claims: tensions boil over as Jon Trott and Wahab Riaz clash


    Relations between England and Pakistan reached such a nadir on Monday that both sides seriously considered pulling out of the fourth one-day international at Lord’s.

  • More of the same:

    Pakistan match-fixing claims: England captain Andrew Strauss open to legal redress

    Andrew Strauss was making no idle threat when he mentioned the possibility of legal action against Ijaz Butt over the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman's accusations of match-fixing by England.

    By Telegraph staff and agencies

    Published: 4:33AM BST 21 Sep 2010

    Deadly serious: England captain Andrew Strauss has vowed to do everything he can to clear his team's name Photo: GETTY IMAGES Butt astounded millions when he claimed on Sunday that England players might have lost the third NatWest Series match at the Brit Oval on purpose in return for ''enormous amounts of money''.

    After England had also lost the fourth match last night by 38 runs at Lord's as Pakistan levelled the series at 2-2 with only Wednesday's final match to play at the Rose Bowl, Strauss was asked if legal recourse was still on his mind.

    'Absolutely, we are going to explore every avenue available to us to make sure our names aren't sullied in this manner,'' he said.

    Strauss said he did not feel the need to ask any of his players to confirm what he already knew, namely that there was no substance to Butt's remarks.

    He added, however, that he had no choice but to respond to claims which came from such high office.

    ''It was the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board coming out with these allegations and we as a group of players felt strongly that we should respond, given that they were directed to us,'' Strauss said.

    That said, Strauss was heartened that - after an ominous pre-match bust-up between England's Jonathan Trott and Pakistan's Wahab Riaz - the match was played in good spirit.

  • Yawar Saeed already fired..... (although calling it resignation for now

    .....believe Butt is next!

  • Inshalla

    They are real fixer in ko jutian marni chahiye