Kashmiris struggle

  • Kashmir burns but the world opinion stands untouched.
    Muslim countries stand dumbfold.
    Muslim community is untouched .
    And worst of all Pakistan stands and looks at other way and don't even protest.
    The question is,
    Have we abandoned our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their fight for freedom?

  • It's obvious that members of this forum don't want to engage themselves with this important question. Perhaps all the claims of solidarity, compassion and empathy for muslims of KLashmir are just words to impress others with.
    Long live struggle for freedom!

  • No, Truthlover, you're wrong. Official Pakistan might turn their backs on Kashmir, but the general public and many bloggers on this site are extremely concerned over the present plight of Kashmiris. the last posting on Kashmir was two days ago, I think. Yesterday Geelani urged Kashmiris to take a day off. Hartal has also been called off for today and tomorrow. Have you heard anything new since then?

    Budgam boy succumbs, toll 109 Barring North, curfew relaxed across Kashmir

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    Budgam boy succumbs, toll 109

    Srinagar /Islamabad/Sopore

    Srinagar, Sep 22:

    Another youth on Wednesday succumbed to his injuries after he was injured in CRPF firing at Humhama Chowk on Sep 13 while protesting against the alleged desecration of holy Quran in US taking the death toll in past three months to 109.

    Sajad, who received bullet in his right thigh, was undergoing treatment at SK Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) here. His right leg was amputated on Monday.

    Amid tight curfew imposed by the authorities, massive protest marked the burial of Sajad Ahmad Pandit of Shiekh Pora Budgam on Wednesday as thousands of people from Sheikhpora and adjoining areas attended his funerel procession.

    “Sajad used to keep aloof from the protests but reports of Quran desecration was too much for him to bear with silence,” said one his close relative Muzaffar.

    On September 13 as the Iranian news channel Press TV reported an incident of Quran desecration in distant US, enraged Sajad went to the local Mosque, switched on its public address system and called on the people in his locality to stage protests against the incident. He was himself part of the protest which was fired at Humhama Chowk by the armed forces.

    Sajad, who was the youngest of the four brothers, was to appear in the upcoming class 12 examinations.

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  • TL-

    <div>        Yes we have abandoned Kashmir.</div>

    <div>         But we have also abandoned Pakistan long ago.</div>

    <div>        Is there a solution ?</div>

    <div>        Well according to some </div>

    <div>700   recitals done for 7 days by hired reciters-( paid well) will get this " Bala" to move away from the Kashmiris.</div>

    <div>Or better still spitting over your left shoulder will do it!</div>

    <div>Or even better just sit and pray for them. </div>

    <div>That will make them free!</div>

  • @Mirza Ghalib,

    Don't you agree that Muslim community is not raising their voice against Indian state terror? Pakistani public support is invisible at street level, no one talks about the issue except JI, why?
    It's nice to learn that bloggers are active but remember we are dealing with cunning Indians, who have already gotten most Muslim countries on their side. Present Pakistani government is more enemy of Pakistan than any other enemy, it get dictation from foreign powers and do everything to undermine the state of Pakistan. The betrayal of Kashmir cause is unforgivable.

  • @shimatoree
    700 or 700,000 recitals? :-P

    "Have we abandoned our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their fight for freedom?"

    Are you just realizing that? For got the Mush years? Forgot your current president's declaration that our "our Kashmiri brothers and sisters" fighting for freedom were in fact "terrorists"? I think that was enough of a hint ;-)

    BTW: Don't worry we will claim "Kashmir is ours" if the Kashmiris do manage to grab their freedom... ;-)

  • Shimatoori,

    I perfectly understand your sarcasm but it doesn't help when you see people suffering, state excercising terror and the whole world just watching in indifference. I may have many differences with my muslim brothers but I can never detach myself from their pains and sufferings. I believe that prayers do help but then even our practical efforts are required as well and it's here we fall short of, as you sarcastically mentioned. I strongly condemn Indian state and her brutalities and wish that many more do the same.
    If we can't do anything else, at least we can offer our moral support6 to Kashmiris and other oppressed muslims around the world.

  • @nota,

    No I don't forget anything since I'm not a dreamwalker. I do remember thye traitor Mush and his policies, even his meetings with Jewish lobby. I even remember the words of Israeli top leader, who prayed for the life of this evil man.
    Our present president is corrupt unto his bonemarrow, so what can we expect from him. He is hell bound and so are many other leaders of Pakistan. I've no complains about these imbeciles and despicable individuals but if Pakistanis as a nation betray Kashmiris cause then history shall judge them hard.

  • Has anyone ever heard of the Concept of Hijra ?

    Muslims kinda believe in a man named Muhammad ibn Abdullah Sallaho Alayhi Wa Ala Alayhi Wa Sallam. Didnt he leave his birth place in order to be safe from clutches of his enemies.

    So does that teach us something ?

    Any one ?

  • nota-

    <div> sorry . I am a small man and can only think of numbers that I can handle!</div>

  • @Truthlover
    "if Pakistanis as a nation betray Kashmiris cause then history shall judge them hard"

    Oh, they'll betray it -- of that you can be sure. Aren't we doing that already? I know it is not directly related but...

  • If anyone is recommending a Hijra-

    <div>please keep in mind the great moral stand of our people and our leaders</div>

    <div>in the aftermath of the 1971 Bangladesh War when the Biharis wanted to do Hijra to West pakistan since they had supported the Pakistan Army and JI against the Mukti Bahini and the Indians-</div>

    <div>well The Biharis are still in the filthy slums of Dacca and every day I see great million men marches in Karachi and Islamabad in the favour of bringing them to Pakistan.</div>

    <div>The only reason the Afghan muhajirs had a different treatment was because they were paid for by( with profit for others) by the UN, USA and Saudi Arabia.</div>

    <div>If the Prophet had to migrate to Pakistan- I can well imagine what the pakistanis would do.-( If I am honest)</div>

  • TL-

    <div>       The Kashmiris have always had 2 choices.</div>

    <div>1. Accept to live like 3rd rate slaves of the Hindus which they have been for the last 64 years.</div>

    <div>2. Get up and rise like a nation and kick the shit out of the God damned Indian army.</div>

    <div>They can do it in one day if they want to.</div>

    <div>I doubt if they have it in them to do such a thing.</div>

    <div>I think they have missed the train. It is too late.</div>

  • @Shimatoori,

    You're absolutely right about the solution that Kashmiris do have choices and they are clearly opting to get rid of Indian tyranny. Your option to kick the ..of one million army is easy to tell than to act upon, especially for peaceful Kashmiris. They are giving their lives for their cause and for freedom, but are incapable to kill the oppressors. I believe that wars can be won by other means than weapons and therfore support their methods if it's okey for them.
    Indian might shall crumble if the world starts condemning their brutal actions. But alas no one is there to speak for them.

  • TL, Of course I agree. the Muslim community is doing next to nothing and this deliberately. I also agree on your scathing comments on the govt which is a deliberate non-governance to destabilise Pakistan. But that we stand fully behind our Kashmiri brethren goes without saying. And who cares if they join Pak or struggle free into independence of their own?

    NNL. The Hijra worked perfectly for the Prophet and his small band of followers. Can it work for the Kashmiris and the Palestinians, I doubt it somehow.  And where exactly would you have the people go, Kashmiris to Pak and Palestinians to Jordan?

  • TL-          everything in life is affected by the issue of time. The ones who are waiting for Khilafat to come and save them might get their wish if they are willing to wait till judgement day.

    Similarly the Kashmiris need to understand that they have already lost 64 years.
    They could have risen and joined the Pushtoon Lashkar in 1947 but instead they worked as informants for the Indians besides joining them( Shiekh Abdullah et al).

    They could have risen in 1965 -in Operation Gibralter - they did not rise and they cooperated with the Indians to find and kill all those that were parachuted into Kashmir.

    They could have revolted in 1971 to help Pakistan when Pakistan was being cut into two. They did not.

    And they could have saved Nawaz Shareef's arse and Musharraf's arse during the Kargil invasion but they did not.

    Instead they reported to the Indians about the location and stregths of the Pakistan army troops.
    They did not help.
    At least they had in their power to  fart togather to make a big noise!

    Well, now chickens are coming home to roost.
    There are no free lunches in life.
    If they want freedom, let THEM rise and kill each and every Indian soldier.
    They can do it with their bare hands.

    Why don't they ?

    They are still waiting for the Sun to come out so that they might fire their guns.

    They are gutless. That is all.

  • @shimatoree
    I can already smell of napalm... :)

  • nota-

    I have placed factual events here.

    If the NINNEE Nanees are going to squirm and lose control of their urinary bladders- well that the way it is !

  • 'Sahab, Dhup lagsi they apey thoos kar si' was a meek reply to a visiting commanding officer (British) at a passing out parade for new Kashmiri recruits. They had kept their guns away lying out in the sun.

    I believe this is another folk tale about Kashmiris. Actually they are being victimized and Pakistan should support them.

  • I agree with semirza sahib. Whatever their past sins as described by shimatoree above, today they have adopted new ways and it is absolutely necessary that Pakistan gives them a helping hand.

    In any case, I don't quite see how that young boy Sajad whose recent death came to swell the total of Kashmiri casualties can be held responsible for the egregious mistakes of earlier generations.