The issue of identity

  • What is Pakistan’s identity?

    Does it have any identity of it’s own ?

    If it does then why is it living on borrowed identity from other lands?

    From the very beginning Pakistan has struggled with the identity issue and to some extent the problems we face today are the direct result of this identity crisis.

    Should we continue to live in the make believe world of Islamic Ummah which has been orchestrated by foreign agents called Mullahs

    Or should we be fooled by the bogus Pakistan First slogan of a foolish cowardly dictator

    Who ran away with his proclaimed commando courage ?

    Let us hear what you have to say.

  • As Bangalis broken two nation theory in 1970's and Balochis are on same path,Pakistan need an other theory to exist empowered with deep roots of being different civilization.on earth this theory must ensure that our existance on earth will be benifecial for rest of world.

  • The best I can say about one's identity as a Pakistani is that my experience of it reveals a composite being, partly made up of his or her Muslim roots, partly marked by his or her Subcontinent descent and, as a crowning touch, still reeling under the vestiges of the fact of having been an ex-West colony. To this must be added, in more cases than one, a subtle adherence to the dictates of Neocolonialism.

    I don't know whether I should call it a "borrowed" identity. I would certainly call it a complex one and to some extent probably one that may still require a generation or two to be thoroughly assimilated. This goes for all the ethnic groups living together in Pakistan.

    The worst part of our present way of looking at ourselves lies in our willing or unwilling alliance with Neocolonialism, our incredible, enduring tendency to judge ourselves and our performances in every field in the light of Western standards. If you ask me, better by far Islam and the Ummah rather than Neocolonialism. But that's just my opinion as an individual. No imposition on anyone else.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (1) Identity of Pakistan is -> 'it is one part of Muslim UMMAH', a collective of ALL Muslims of this world.

    As reality stands today, Pakistan is a 'nation state' of Muslims, created as per 'standards' set by foreign entities, under political system of these same foreign entities.

    This foreign political system, financial system, social system, judicial system remains prevalent within our borders. Custodians of these 'prevalent' 'foreign' 'systems' are 'feudals', which includes 'Pakistan Army'.

    'Muslim UMMAH' is 'collective' of ALL Muslims of this world, which is far far bigger than Pakistan. At present Muslim UMMAH is in a shattered, disintegrated, divided state.

    Muslim UMMAH was 'conquered' by 'group' of Foreign nations/Colonials/Imperials who are to-date 'agents' of Zionists/Unjust Jews. They divided it into multiple nation states, as per their 'long term' 'agenda'. Their 'long term' 'agenda' is global dominance, full spectrum dominance.

    (b) Muslims have been through many slaughters in this past century

    Muslims are struggling to deal with many complexities of life, to rebuild their lives, their identity. Muslims are struggling to rebuild their local economies. Muslims are struggling to re-instate our culture, our values, our norms, our standards, our ways in our land.

    We remain in this shattered, divided state because of two reasons;

    (b1) Muslims are not aware of Islam, its standards, principles, ways, guidelines, culture, values

    (b2) Muslims do not practice Islam at the level of our collective

    (b3) Muslims are 'recuperating' from our slaughter, loss of our intellectual capital, lack of our;

    • financial system

    • judicial system

    • political system

    • social system

    some of which is consequences of our own decisions, actions, over the past 6+ decades.

    (b4) Muslim nation states are being 'forced' to remain as 'nation states' and not re-unite into Muslim UMMAH by agents, collaborators, supporters of Foreign nations/Colonials/Imperials entities, who in reality are agents of Zionists/Unjust Jews.

    (c) The concept of 'nation state' in 'alien' to Islam. The 'construct' of a nation state is built on 'unjust' standards. Some of these standards are;

    (1a) god-less ideology

    (1b) 'dishonesty'

    (1c) 'division'

    (1d) 'injustice'

    (1e) 'manipulation'

    (1f) 'slavery'

    (1g) 'oppression'

    In Islam, there is only ONE ALLAH ALMIGHTY, one Prophet Muhammad (SAW), one DEEN (i.e., DEEN-e-Islam), ONE collective, one mind, one thought process, one goal, one objective.

    At the time of creation of Pakistan, Foreign entities/Colonials/Imperialists who are agents of Zionists/Unjust Jews, they bestowed large amounts of land, money to their faithful 'minions', living amongst us, within our ranks.

    These people were given these resources to 'implement' 'agenda' of these foreign entities/Colonials/Imperialists who are working for Zionists/Unjust Jews. So in-fact they were given 'agenda' of Zionists/Unjust Jews to implement within our land.

    Although Pakistan is a Muslim nation state, this group of people influenced by 'foreign' 'rhetoric', 'agenda', their collaborators, supporters, and those who share their ideology run this state at this time.

    These people identify themselves with foreign entities, Colonials, Imperial powers, rather than with this! nation, this! collective. These people live their lives as per foreign/colonial/imperial culture, values, standards, ways.

    They are dishonest, unjust people, who use all possible coercive, unjust means to force foreign agenda over people of this nation.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (2) Pakistan's identity is that it is 'one part' of a much much greater collective i.e., Muslim UMMAH

    Muslim UMMAH is in a 'disintegrated shape' right now. After WW I or WW II its people have been forced to;

    (a) divide into smaller nation states

    (b) give up their freedom

    (c) adhere to foreign ideology, foreign standards, foreign agenda

    which is 'unjust' by our culture, our values, our standards.

    (3) Pakistan has suffered because people of Pakistan 'rejected'/ran away from their 'identity'

    The collective in Pakistan has suffered 'consequences' of decision, actions, crimes of its people, its elite, its rulers.

    (a) Some of it is due to their lack of knowledge, lack of understanding

    (b) Some of it was because of the people blindly following their desires, their lust

    (c) some of it was because people of Pakistan were in a desperate situation

    (d) some of it is/was because the foreign 'occupier'/'Colonial'/'Imperial' forces of the west 'succeeded' in 'convincing' our people, through an 'illusion' of 'prosperity', that it is/was in our best interests to accept their culture, their values, their norms, their standards. This was done at a time when Muslims had fought many wars, Muslims were slaughtered, our scholars had been mercilessly slaughtered, when we were 'occupied' by foreign 'occupier'/'Colonial'/'Imperial' forces

    Those among us, who wanted to benefit personally, they were 'bestowed' with great riches, wealth, power. These people through their coercive, manipulative ways, remain in power to-date.

    These are the same people who thwart our every effort to re-instate our culture, our values, our standards, our ways. They stop us from asserting our freedom.

    (e) some of it is because there are two groups of people who are fighting among themselves for 'power' in this nation, and people in both of these groups made huge mistakes

    MULLAH has made far less mistakes, committed far less crimes, than those who subscribe to secularism.

    Those who subscribe to secularism, they are one of the groups of people who benefited personally at the expense of millions of people of this nation, for decades!. This nonsense of injustice continues today, and continues to threaten to remain the same in the future.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (4) MULLAH is not a 'foreign agent'. MULLAH represents the local culture, values, norms, standards, ways, local people, and so forth

    It is those among us who subscribe to 'secularism', who live their lives as per foreign culture, values, norms, standards, who give a 'voice' to foreign 'concerns'/agenda within our ranks, who are 'foreign' 'agents'.

    (5) Pakistan first = BS!

    It is a 'flawed' concept. It is a flawed political slogan to 'deceive' people, to 'manipulate' people into joining Pakistan Army's camp, for supporting Pakistan Army in its unjust decisions, actions.

    Right now, people in Pakistan Army or highers ups' of Pakistan Army are people who;

    (a) subscribe to 'secularism'

    (b) are on pay-roll of foreign entities

    (c) are 'agents' of 'foreign entities' for carrying out their agenda

    (d) are afraid of death

    (e) are fighting wars against Muslims as per whims of foreign entities

    There is no such thing as 'Pakistan first'. Pakistan cannot survive alone. Pakistan needs to join forces, to unite with/into other Muslim nation states to 'safeguard' its 'borders', its 'territorial' 'integrity', its short term and long term regional interests.

    We are Muslims. We have our own imperial designs, as per teachings, guidelines, standards, ways of Islam.

    By re-starting the process of re-unification of Muslim UMMAH into its earlier form, Muslim nation states can;

    (a) create bigger, local financial market(s)

    (b) bring about a geography running under one set of internal and external policies, political system, judicial system/standards, social system, etc etc.

    In the long run, Pakistan is just one part of Muslim UMMAH, which is our! collective. Pakistan only needs to exist alone, so long as Muslims remain 'divided', so long as Muslims are unable to fend for themselves, so long as Muslims are unable to assert our freedom.

  • <span><FONT face=Calibri>Pakistan is that ‘God-forsaken’ land which has the richest heritages, a land which is the epitome and zenith of diverse civilizations, a land which has the evidence of the first ever human dentistry practice and a land which has the earliest farming cultures and yet the people of this land would relate themselves to the looters and murderers of their ancestors. For them ‘big bang’ happened 1400 years ago and they hatched from their eggs in 712 AD.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p>They are trying their best to become  'Arabs' but to Arabs they are just NIGGERS.</o:p></FONT></span>

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