Isn't it a media war against Islam ???

  • <FONT face="Times New Roman">Last night, I have watched the documentary in CRITICAL SITUATIONS telecast by the national geographic…… it was about the attack of Chechnya liberation fighters on Russians theater, keeping the civilians hostages to demand for independent Muslim State of Chechnya(the incident that took place in October, 2002). That is third documentary shown by channel in this week. First was about the high jacking of Indian civilian aircraft In Kabul, the second on the Mumbai attacks and third on what happened in Russian theater. All of three incidents have a single factor in common, the so called ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM…… </FONT>

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    <FONT face="Times New Roman">I wonder why don’t they telecast a documentary over the Gaza Siege where the number of hostages and duration of imprisonment is much more larger than that of above three incidents,,,,, Isn’t it the MEDIA War against ISLAM with the aim of projecting the Muslims as terrorist nation playing with the lives of innocent civilians ??? </FONT>

  • sure it is

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    Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    This has been going on for a long long time, since time of Muhammad (SAW). This is nothing new.

    Why is it a shock to us/Muslims ?

    Unjust Jews and recently Zionists have been using mass media to falsify information for 'centuries', now. This game has become far far more dangerous since electronic media was invented. A large amount of people 'believe' or 'trust' in what they see on mass media. These people are 'used' to or 'glued' to this mass media. They think that which is not reported never happened in the world.

    The dangerous part is, when facts are presented to people, that which were not broadcasted on mass media, people do not 'trust' it, they do not accept it.

    In this era, people are not ready to struggle to bring about a system for getting justice through the court of law, to accept judgments coming out of the court of law, rather they are 'more interested' in that which they see on mass media, they are more interested in 'street' 'law'.

    Which is a very very dangerous trend. If this continues, it will end in a very very big, very very bloody war. Both sides of the war will be loosers, as a result.

    P.S. Don't let my words stop you from having this discussion.