Is Dr Imran Farooq a Shaheed?

  • I have seen many politicians and even some TV anchors including news papers referring to Dr Imran Farooq as 'shaheed' and singing prais for him. My problem with that is that allegedly Dr Farooq was wanted in many cases including murder, how can some one like that be labelled as shaheed before clearing his name. I would have no problem accepting him as a shaheed if a court declared that all the cases of murder that are alleged for him are false.

    I am particularly appalled at the behaviour of Ishaq Dar who is obviously under the instructions of NS. It would have been enough for any politician especially N-legue politician to simply say that the death of Dr Imran Farooq is tragic and it should be fully investigated. On one hand they can't miss an opportunity to grab each others throats and yet on occasions such as these they are hugging and kissing each other and singing prais like their are no difference between them. Plain hypocracy!

  • @short life endless plans

    Let's first get to objectives behind these political shaheeds. These classifications are not to help God define their eventual destinations. Allah almighty knows all and won't rely on our classifications. The notion behind this "shahadut" is to get political mileage out of dead body, murda haati saawa lakh ka.

    Bhutto shaheed gave BB power twice, BB shaheed pushed Zardari to unthinkable, President house. If I recall correctly she once said Zardari won't be part of my future government but her "shahadut" made him President. Ijaz ul Haq is a duffer, Nawaz Sharif became leader because of Zia Shaeed instead of him.

    MQM's shaeeds have different objective. It usually gives them license to create more shaheeds usually from opposite ranks but they don't hesitate from having few among their own ranks ... typical mafia attitude.

    From Bugti Shaheed to Murtaza Shaheed they all get clean slates after "shahaadut".

    Imran Farooq Shaheed ... my foot ... bloody raskil who killed many as mafia leader ... I don't have a problem his gang calling him shaheed .. well they ought to to get political mileage out of his gead body. But shame on media why are they calling him shaheed ... perhaps they are scared of his mafia group.

  • what a dumb question sorry to say! you will get 1000 different replies,and 5000 conspiracies. Farooq was wanted for murder by police?who from MQM was not wanted for murder?police was making up fake encounters, fake cases... i admit some were real but majority were fake.I know for a fact that Farooq was an honest man of integrity. You could say there are other bad apples of MQM but not Farooq, he had some real class this man. you wont get your answer here... its a highly opiniated thing as you can see by my reply.

  • Every is a shaheed here man.No matter whether you serve for Americans or Indians.

    These political shaheeds have been a burden on the country when they were alive,perhaps their death have benefited Pakistan more than their life.

    The real tragedy is we would never know who was behind this political murder.In most of the cases,political death has been due to internal difference within the party.

  • @quaidkamazaar

    if I get 1000 different answers, and one of them is correct I will be able to spot the correct one since the correct one will come with tangible and verifiable information.  I don't think my question is dumb, because i'm not trying to discover how Allah Ta'aala  judged him. I'm just trying to profile him to see if he qualifies for the rank of a shaheed.  If Imran Farooq is a killer like the rest of MQM then surely his murder is makafaate amal and as a murderer he can not be a shaheed but if cases pinned on him are fake and he is the way you say then he is a victim and hence an Islamic shaheed.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • in my opinion , <u>Shaheed</u> is the word , has been misused and overused by all the political parties to the end degree .

    Shaheed is a very very sacrad word , which deserves a lot of respect for the beholder of the title .

    in my opnion , Hazrat Usman Ghani (Razi Allah Tallah ) Hazrat Umar Farooq (Razi Allah Tallah), Hazrat Iman Hussain (Razi Allah Tallah ) , Hazrat Imam Hassan (Razi Allah Tallah ), Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid Razi Allah Tallah are in the first row of Shaheeds .

    Liaqat Ali Khan , Major Aziz Bhatti , Rashid Minhas , Major Tuffal and other Nishan e Haider shaheeds are the next line of shaheeds .

    how can i equate criminals , killers , smugglers , dictators ,corrupts and Bhatta Khors death to these great people ????

    i cant even think of it .
    Bhutto ,Zia , Benazir , Imran Farooq can not be declered Shaheed .
    it could be an irrational act of emotional affliation and nothing else .

  • Pakistan is a strange country, where the level of consciousness is quite low. They love to consider everyone a martyr, whom they want to pay respect. People become Shaheed, even if they are killed by a road accident. A plane crashes and all killed are shaheeds, a general gets sick and die, he becomes a shaheed. One get killed by a suicide bomber and becomes shaheed.
    Bhutto, Benazeer and now Imran, why are you surprised, soon all Pakistanis, who die shall be automatically considered shaheeds.

  • In 63 years of our Pakistani history there  are numerous political shaheeds belonging to almost all the political parties. One wonders how  many of them are real Shaheeds?