Count us out, Nawaz tells Gilani

    LAHORE: A clear-cut ‘no-cooperation’ message by ally and the arch rival Nawaz Sharif has reportedly panicked Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, making him publicly talk of ‘conspiracies’ being hatched against his government.
    The PML-N chief has reportedly told the prime minister unequivocally that in future he (PM) should not expect any co-operation from his party. A source informed Dawn on Tuesday that Nawaz Sharif’s message had panicked the prime minister as it was indicative of some ‘serious move’ to send his government packing. ...

  • Zardari and Nawaz appeared to be best friends right after musharraf left. remember that press conference, how they were shaking hands like they are love birds. But its a good step. Altaf Bhai did the same thing, first gave Zardari vote of confidence for "democratic process" and then the grate u-turn telling him to step down. Nawaz and Altaf have both taken good steps.

  • Good move by PML (N) to send a delegation to 90 and conduct high level political consultation on the sidelines with MQM. Ghaddari group is certainly cheezed off now.

  • PML(N) has lost the momentum and their reactions are a bit too late. The price for keeping the Punjab government became too much but the realisation was lacking.
    The so called opposition doesn't have the public backing any longer, even though they keep winning seats here and there every now and then.
    Pakistan needs new kind of politicians and political parties, which understand and represent the public sentiments.
    All present politicians and parties have failed to prove that they are patriots on whom nation can trust and rely.

  • <div align=""justify"">We know PML(N) has one of the imerging party after the Musharaf Dictator ship after that he is real sincere with pakistan. Every party Like Imran khan supporter of Refrendum of Musharaf, Altaf also in The govt of Musharaf, PPP did NRO's with Musharaf, MMA also play a vital role for Musharaf, every party support Musharaf at the time only one party stable on his point of is PML(N). The policiy of PML(N) is fare for Pakistan. These are all playing game with pakistan and will take pakistan in darkness that we are watching everyday.

    Inshalla future will be the PML(N)