A Choor Darwaza Leader Imran Khan

  • Lahore, Jan 28 (PTI) A leader of the ruling Pakistan People's Party has

    alleged that cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan received Rs 40

    million from former military ruler Pervez Musharraf during the 2002

    referendum that validated the general's regime, a charge denied by his


    "Khan charged Rs 40 million from Gen Musharraf as he was at the

    forefront of moves to establish the dictator's rule,"

    **_imran Ahmad Khan Niazi - Founder of

    Pakistan Justice Party [Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf]_**

    Do check 2002 National Newspapers for the dirty role

    played by Imran Khan in support of General Musharraf.

    And Imran

    Khan and his party Tehreek-e-Insaf [Pakistan Justice Party]supported

    General Musharraf in his Illegal Referendum in 2002 [to become Illegal

    President of Pakistan]. It seems that Imran Khan and his party

    indirectly supported General Musharraf's Zioninst Friends back in 2002

    [was Imran Khan sleeping or smoking a Joint] because in 2002 Imran Khan

    backed the referendum to decide the future of President Pervez

    Musharraf. After considerable dithering, Imran Khan declared that his

    party has decided to support Musharraf's referendum. In a statement

    issued from Karachi, Imran had said he has decided to support the

    referendum as he believed that Musharraf wanted "to make Pakistan a

    modern Islamic, welfare state".

    After MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s statement regarding support for martial

    law-like steps, the chief of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan

    said his faction would back military rule for ‘stability’ of the

    country, ARY NEWS reports.

    Speaking ARY NEWS’ program ‘View on

    News’, hosted by Dr Shahid Masood, the PTI chief said the country is

    moving towards revolution and PTI will support it in every possible way.


    joined MQM chief’s chorus regarding support of Martial Law in the

    country, saying that “Tehrik-e-Insaf will back military rule in the

    country for the sake of stability.”

    Khan, however, said the army

    should not come into power and grab authorities of a civil and

    democratic government.

    Actually he is the real thread for Pakistan. IK can not win's election that's why he looking a Choor Darwaza for Kurssi. What a shaming person he is.

  • I'm not a fan of Imran Khan but I think that he is the most honest Pakistani politician, he shall certainly outclass even all the other leaders put togather. The reasons why he has failed to convert this high opinion into vote bank are many.
    Pakistanis are not political conscious as a nation and they keep slumbering till they are kicked by circumstances and even then they prefer to cry instead of trying changing their situations.
    Pakistanis are not aware of the rules of democracy, they keep voting for their landlords or kins, instead of looking at the merits of the contestants.
    I can go on naming all the factors but it's unneccessary, as we all know these facts.
    Coming back to your thread, I must say that you lack the credibility as you openly and clearly support PML(N) and therefore seem to be on your mission to discredit Imran.
    You talk about Imran trying to find a short cut or a secret door to enter and grab the seat, what makes you believe that, give some valid proof or at least some past behaviour that support your assertion.
    What about Nawaz Shareef, didn't he come in power by the help of a dictator?
    Didn't he climb the ladder of his career by the help of money, bribes and flatteries?
    The man who lacks even mediocre intelligence and charisma has been dominating our national politics for such a long time and still dreams of coming back to power, while Imran still struggles at the grass root level, doesn't it say something?
    I'm not here to speak for Imran but only to say that he is too good for this stupid nation of ours.
    We deserve what we get, i.e. Nawaz Shareef, Asif Zardari, Altaf Hussain........the list is long and make me sick.

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  • Nawaz Sharif left Tehreek Istaqlal for powerfull Muslim league.....

    he is actually a lota..

    and got helped by General Zia..who's mission (whatever it was) he vowed to continue.

    Get money from ISI for elections.

  • <H3 class=magTitle>mran Khan

    <H1 class=magHead>The flawed, the fabulous

    Imran was a true hero and he had the cracks in his armour to prove it

    Kamran Abbasi

    September 20, 2010

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    Imtiaz Sipra, the great sports editor of the News in Pakistan, was a blind drunkard. But he had the honesty of a drunk. "<a href="">Imran Khan</a>," he would say to me, "is the King of Pakistan. He is a champ. Pakistan cricket would be nothing without him. I tell you, kid, zero." Sipra's assertions were sometimes hard to substantiate, delivered from below a shock of white hair and from between a set of teeth that would have done the devil proud. His wrecked face would sparkle at the mention of Imran, at the mention of his brilliance, and even more at the mention of naughtiness. Imran, you see, was Sipra's idea of a true hero: flawed but magnificent.

    Abdul Qadir, another grand Lahori, glowed similarly when the conversation turned to Imran. Their relationship had been much more complicated than people might have imagined. Imran had backed Qadir for much of his career, but there were times when Qadir had felt let down by his captain. Despite this there was deep affection. They had shared adventures. Imran was Qadir's idea of a leader: flawed but magnificent.

    I first met Imran Khan when I was 13. It was a tour match at Chesterfield, a town with a crooked church steeple, and Pakistan were warming up for a Test match.

    Imran was new to the captaincy. He was better known for his Oxford flamboyance and supposed arrogance than for his determination to become a great cricketer. Majid Khan had literally whipped Imran into shape by bullying him through extreme training sessions. Imran was a warrior leader, a man who brooked no nonsense, a Pathan in everything but location: fierce, proud and magnificent. Flawed, too, in that rarely a day passed without a newspaper photo of Imran dancing, drinking or debauching in some manner or the other.

    At the tea interval in the Chesterfield game, several Pakistan players busied themselves washing their whites and hanging them out to dry on the pavilion balcony. Imran, of course, did no such thing. He strode down to the outfield, padded up and clutching a handful of cricket balls. Inevitably a crowd of young Pakistani fans gathered, scuffling to give their hero some practice. Curious to see the great captain in action, I joined them. My first observation about Imran was of the way he leaned forward and towards the bowler, almost toppling over. I can't remember any other batsman tottering so precariously. It was as if Imran was determined to force himself forward at every opportunity. When I first saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it reminded me of Imran's stance.

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    <TD id=pullquotetext class=pullquotetext colSpan=3 align=middle>My first observation about Imran was of the way he leaned forward and towards the bowler, almost toppling over. I can't remember any other batsman tottering so precariously. When I first saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it reminded me of Imran's stance </TD></TR>


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    Eventually I plucked up the courage to bowl at him. The grunts of disapproval he emitted when other boys slipped down leg or way outside off were enough to force me to be disciplined. It was then I got an insight into Imran's psychology. He stopped the other wannabes and insisted that only I bowl to him. In deepest Derbyshire I felt the glares of envious eyes and some murmurs about nepotism. They assumed I was from the Khan family. No such thing, of course, but you can understand their reaction - and my hope that he had identified me as a talent.

    At the end of tea, Imran waved a regal glove in my direction: "That's enough, thank you," he intoned in his deep-throated drawl and he was off, sauntering past me back to the pavilion. At the close of play, as the crowd rushed the players, Imran ignored autograph hunter after autograph hunter. I too thrust my book in his direction, fully expecting an autocratic brush-off, but Imran broke his stride to scribble his first name before resuming his march of no autographs. This favouritism didn't go down too well with my friends from the tea interval, but to me it was the first evidence of the Great Khan's character: flawed but magnificent. To a British Asian short of role models, it was the scribble of destiny.

    The incident at Chesterfield would have been enough to merit hero status on its own but Imran did then also go on to win Pakistan's first Test at Lord's, challenge the mighty West Indies for world supremacy, and win the World Cup. But everybody knows about that.

    Imran Khan turned Pakistan from a collection of talented but generally ineffective individuals into a fighting, world-class team, leading by example and through sheer will. He was loyal to talent and dismissive of sycophants and easy riders. He battled for the success of the Pakistan cricket team, and for the honour of his country, on playing fields and in boardrooms. He unearthed some of the greatest talents you would ever see. He was a role model for Pakistanis all over the world, and he attracted a vast following from people of many other nationalities. Imran Khan was flawed, yes, but he was truly magnificent. For a good while, too, he was the King of Pakistan. If you have any doubts, look in my autograph book.


  • ooops...xcuzmeplz

  • Such karwa hota hai bhai, Mirchi lag gai such sun kar Ik lover's Tumhary jo looter's or jeliosi member want to create a darama against nawaz will not be true you have nothing for pakistan.

    CHoro Musharf say paisay kyu mangay I know kuch lenay kay liye kuch dena parta hai.

  • @ jasim

    get a life ..

    everybody knows about IK an Nawaz Sharif...

    who is a buisnessman and who is a philantrophist..
    who is corrupt and who is not

  • kya yeh jhut hai kay ik nay Musharf ko Sadar banywa kya kaho ab main janay do yar sab janty hain

    beta jab govt milay gi na tab tumhari party kay chor bahir ajaye gay bohat jald apkay chor hum sab kay samny hongain

  • inshallah we will put sll the chors in jail...

    including the chors from current ruling elite

  • <cite>drgulkhan ha detto:</cite> inshallah we will put all the chors in jail...

    including the chors from current ruling elite

  • Jasim,

    Sorry man, you simply can't compare an untalented shopkeeper with a true patriot. Nawaz represents general decadance of our nation, while Imran stands for integrity, truthfulness and a will to withstand one's principles.
    Nawaz is past while Imran (people like him) gives a hope of a better tommorow.
    If you chose to cling to the dead then the loss is your own.

  • @jasim
    first of all bro imran suported the refrundem ... and he apologised for it... which is why  he has never lended support to extra-constitunal  measures afterwards.... the ary news item u posted was misqouted PTI issued a Clarification the next day.... and speaking of choor darwazas wat abt the great Mian bros?.... IMRAN KHAN WILL NEVER SUPPORT ANY MEASURE WHICH IS NOT ACCORDING TO THE CONSITITUTION .....if he does all of his supporters will desert him (me atLeast) .... but it will not happen he is not looking for a choor darwaza he didnt leave pakistan with 40 trucks at the dead of night after striking a deal... he isnt the one who pays 5000 (yearly) tax ... he isnt the one who ask TALIBAN NOT TO COMMIT SUCIDE ATTACKS IN PUNJAB ... and forgive me he isnt the one who meets army cheifs at the dead of night secertly.....u and some Media elements speak of khan sbs SO CALLED choor darwaza but ignore those of others on whom u bestow titles such as "khadam-e-alla"...u call Khan sb Taliban Khan but u ignore chottey Mian sbs  request to the taliban to 'PARDON PUNJAB" and also his law ministers known realtions with banned outfits such as sipha-e-sahba (with whose leader rana sanaullah openly campiagned for a by-election in JHANG) all i can say abt this hipocrasy from people like you and some self proclaimed intellectuals is:              

  • Bhai choori Iqtadar ki ho ya paisy ki your leader doing same he is looking choor darwaza. Aik or bat abay 100 vote to milty nh tum logo ko jao pehly 1 or 2 vote to lay ao phir bat karna

  • As far as the matter of entering into power through chor darvaza is concerned, most of our present day politicians have been entering into power through chor darvazas in different past regimes.

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  • @drgulkhan,

    <div>Bro, first secure power and then talk about shoving people in jail. Time will tell if Immi boy can  walk the walk and talk the talk.</div>

  • @gunnerz30,

    <div>Brotha man, don't me talking nonsense while supposedly sitting on a high pedestal. PTI or whatever your party is has given tickets in the recently held by-elections to turncoats and lotas of other parties; parties who you call chor, corrupt and the elite class.</div>

  • saint Imran Khan on fire.......next election PTI will sweep and will have land slide victory :):)

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