Matter of Fact!

  • Pakistan today is in a mess.

    <div>Political mess,</div>

    <div>Economic mess.</div>

    <div>Credibility mess.</div>

    <div>What is to be done?</div>

    <div>What CAN be done?</div>

    <div>Can anything be done?</div>

    <div>If something is to be done- then how it is to be done and in what manner?</div>

    <div>Let us look at a very few aspects of the problems we face today.</div>

    <div>Tax collection is called as the biggest single problem. What can be done how so that Taxes can be collected.</div>

    <div>First choice which everyone would like is to have everyone voluntarily pays the taxes owed. That is a non starter since the last 63 years record shows that this does not and will not work.</div>

    <div>Then how can we fix this problem in a timely manner. </div>

    <div>The situation is that of a dire emergency.</div>

    <div>I would suggest the following.</div>

    <div>Create a small elite sort of force of very well educated and idealistic young men and women who are paid well and with blanket powers to get the taxes that are owed. </div>

    <div>Everyone will be give 2 days to pay up.</div>

    <div>If they do not comply- they should be told that all their assets should be confiscated at once and sold.</div>

    <div>If they still do not comply- then let the axe fall and let it fall at once with no mercy.</div>

    <div>You might complain that due process is denied. Yes but what is the  alternative solution that will work in a timely manner.</div>

    <div>The rest later if any interest is here.</div>

  • We just need Justice