• Should we really have co-education before higher studies? What are its benefits? What is the problem having no co-education for immature minds?

    What i have seen till now that only a few students do not care about co-education and come to study. All others just come to those institutes for a girl/boy, impress and somewhat study. They waste their time too much.

    In my college there were 'backdoors' and 'meeting rooms' usually arranged by Chaprasi for their 'meeting' (some were more than just meetings). Girls often use this psych of boys to do their work, another waste of time. And there is lot of other stuff with this co-education that causes nothing but waste of time.

    In my opinion co-education is for higher studies for mature minds.

  • Co-education is the only way to solve the problems that you face today in your society.

    <div>If the girls want to associate with the boys - they will learn about life and so will the boys. </div>

    <div>And if you are concerned about illicit SEX - well the current system is not doing too well. Just to name a few-</div>

    <div>Prostitution industry is booming.</div>

    <div>The second highest number of hits on pornographic sites( Google) is from pakistan- second only to Saudi Arabia another ISLAMIC country !</div>

    <div>If you had the girls and boys studying together then you will not be able to segregate them and place the women under Burqa. You will not be able to give only half the inheritance to the girls and value their testimony as only half as important as that of men.</div>

    <div>So I guess you do have a motive in your recommendations.</div>

  • anyone who believes in Qur'an/Sunnah would resist that plan as it runs contrary to rules of islam :)

    <div>one should ask if Allah swt allows us or not, if it is forbidden then it is immoral & unethical, if it is immoral/unethical then it conflicts with honesty lessons, hence one ends up confused hypos :)</div>

  • @salam Does Islam Allow men and women working together?

  • This post is deleted!

  • What a conservative way to look at things? I mean is

    this still an issue. The question is not whether co-education should be

    there?<span> </span> It should have been how badly we

    need to educate our young generation and how much necessary it is to impart

    liberal and rational values in them since a young age so that they don’t become

    cannon fodder for the Taliban.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @rashidsaleem: Do you understand what you are saying ?

    Does it even make sense ?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @shimatoree: Putting up false information will not help you 'rationalize' something irrational, unreasonable, immoral, unethical.

  • LifeH2O

    <div>             Do families work together in the rural areas ? They certainly do and they have been since the start of time.</div>

    <div>             Do women and men live together in houses ? yes.</div>

    <div>             Do boys and girls play together in villages ? They do.</div>

    <div>            Do women wear Burqas in villages ? They do NOT.</div>

    <div>            So this segregation the sexes approach is false , developed by city people and imposed by force.</div>

    <div>            If in Pakistan you are to do this artificial segregation on everyone- you would not only disrupt the entire economic structure of the rural economy but face a logistical problem of a gargantuan magnitude.</div>

    <div>            As it is- you have no money anyway.</div>

    <div>            So do the right thing and accept co-education- then you have to built only half the number of school!</div>

  • @shimatoree I understood your answer completely in first post, there was no need for above reply.

    I was just asking Salaam to tell me that if it is allowed in Islam for men and women to work together. Because if it is allowed, studying is the same as working together.

    But again, problem is not with co-education itself, problem is the way you deal with it. The example of my student life that i had given is just the way they co-education. Quran does tell men and women to how to treat each other, this applies everywhere, co-education too.

  • @LifeH20
    _"What i have seen till now that only a few students do not care about

    co-education and come to study. All others just come to those institutes

    for a girl/boy, impress and somewhat study. They waste their time too

    You think the situation would be the same if we had co-ed from class 1? Add to that seeing the opposite sex as human beings?

  • put the secular/co education lovers ( secular aman jarga jaisay sell outs) in a school and hand that school to the students of kurram/momand and peshawar.

  • @junaid
    Speaking from personal experience of "students of kurram/momand and peshawar", methinks :)

  • co education depends on environement and social set ups .it harms somewhere and it benefits somewhere .I, as an alumni of Karachi University can say easily , that it helped me out a lot to get confidence ,which was neccessary for me to step into the pratical feild .

    i had my schooling in a girls school , it has boys and girls section seperated ...then i had my gradution from a girls college .

    after 14 years of study with only female teachers , along with only female class mates ....i was reluctant to go for KU for Masters . as my Father suggested me to go there for Masters .i wanted to do Masters in Mass Comm .but i was afraid of facing male professors and sitting with male class mates .

    my father said ;ok , i can get you admission in a women University .but what you would be doing in your whole life ?

    you want a shopping center where only females are buying and selling things ?

    you want a road ,where only females are going ?

    you want a clinic , hospital , park , where u can face no male ?

    my daughter ! from where i can get you these things ?u have to face the reality ,this is a male dominated society .u have to face them . you have to talk to them .interact with them .communicate with them compete them .

    i got the point .

    i got the admission in KU .and i became the most active and confident student in my class from the Orientation day ...till the day i got my Merit Position certificate .

  • @benaai Totally agreed! Reluctance made me avoid taking admission in a good university that has number of females there :P

  • The segregation by gender is the cause of many ills we face today.

    <div>The biggest one is the de-humanization and be-littling of girls and women.</div>

    <div>The boys are not exposed directly to women in life till they get married.</div>

    <div>Their reactions to- and behaviour towards the girls leads to a plethora of conflicts-esp on a personal level and it leads further to a life of separation and insulation.</div>

    <div>The abuse that is seen in the society esp- in rural areas would be much less if the women were considered an equal human being.</div>

    <div>If co-education took place from the very begining- lots of these problems will be minimized or at least reduced.</div>

    <div>But we must not forget that co-education is first and foremost " EDUCATION". In order to have effect- it has to be universal for everyone.</div>

    <div>Otherwise you will have the two or three tiered society that you are developing now where the elite have co-education but the rest are dumped on the heap of what amounts to no-education.</div>

  • <FONT face="Times New Roman"><FONT face="Times New Roman"><?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p>There is a rape every 30 seconds in US . The alarming rate has forced some school authorities in New York to start segregation in public schools. The rampant abuse and increase in number of illegitimate children are having devastating effects on the fabric of western societies. Islam has offered humanity as escape from that jahannum of duniyah  by implementing segregation although the so called Muslim countries are blindly aping the decadent West.</o:p></FONT></FONT>

  • @LifeH20 ,
    at that point , i was never been to KU and dont know the fact that is already a women University almost . my time , there were less of a disbalance .
    it was pretty 65 ,35 ratio.

  • our country which is an underdeveloped one can not afford to have seperate universities for men and women...i mean you can count a few on fingers when it comes to Women Universities in example is Fatima Jinnah University...

    if Government today plans to build a few more of such universities in Pakistan then i dont think so any woman would have any problem going there till then they have to compromise on their principles and willingly or unwilligly got to reach to Co ed institues...after all the intention is to gain knowledge right? well for most of them yeah!

    I believe under these circumstances where u have less choices a decent woman can still be modest while studying with opposite entirely depends on how she carries herself in such an environment!

  • @RhyMe ,i totally agree with you all depends , how you take your class mates and professors of opposite gender ?if u take them as class mates and professors .u will be fine , have no clash with your traditions & modesty with co education .if u take them like Males , males .then u  gonna have trouble .