One final controversy? Shoaib Akhtar caught on camera ball tampering??

  • Why they did not zoom on to england bowlers.

    'Bad se badnaam bura', this is what pakistan earned in england tour. If the pakistani team was true on match fixing, they would have sued them and left england before they say

  • the team could have left way earlier but they adopted the traditional behavior. it maybe the way he gripped the ball but now face another propaganda from the great british invaders

  • Picture not clearing that is bol tempering or not, why not providing the Video clips,  Its a propaganda of English there is nothing in it.  English ppl create every tour some thing new for Pakistan. Shame less English people news and views they are all ashamed people.

  • "Why they did not zoom on to england bowlers."
    That should have been done by the Pakistani photographers (Did they? If so, maybe they didn't have anything to report; If not, why not?)

  • I have played league cricket for a couple of years as a bowler,  be it in a fish and chip league.  Thanks to Allah that swing came to me naturally through my action and due to subsequent practice I have understood the art of swing.  It is quite clear to me from those pictures that Rawalpindi express is scratching one side of a new ball so that he can reverse it.

    The thing is that ball tampering is some thing that every one in the game is involved in.  Although I must admit that I was always to proud and honest to ever try it but then again I never need it cos I swing the ball new or old makes no difference.  There really isn't a lot of skill involved in swinging the ball once it is artificially prepared and this is why he is scratching the ball as he is not a great mover of the ball.

    Unfortunately we Pakistanis look for conspiracies even in the face of concrete evidence but the fact is that our players have no honour or shame.  was it only a while ago that Sahibzadah Shaid Khan Afridi was caught on camera, munching on the ball like a donkey. Snooker is also one of my loved sports and my favourite player is the Scottish Steven Hendry.  I love that man’s discipline and fair-play more than his skill.  He is as they say a perfect gentleman.  But within the game of cricket there is no such thing and Pakistanis are on top of the list for corruption.

    An international level bowler would not be scratching the ball or stepping on the ball the way Shoaib is because he would be aware that it would look like ball tampering. As a matter of fact when Shoaib was swinging the ball in the early overs of 4rth one day I kind of got suspicious on him then so no surprises for me.

    We should sack this board and this team.  I know for a fact that there is better tallent in Pakistan than these corrupt crickters who are only in the team because of ploitical influences.

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  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Imran Khan has already said ball tampering happens worldwide. And its not happening from today. Its been happening since before his time.

    They are just highlighting Muslims as 'bad' people, as 'unjust' people, as people who do not adhere to rules, laws.