Local Madarsah's training Beggars

  • It is very common that Big Fat (mostly) molvis send small kids (who are there just because their parents were unable to give them food) door to door to get meal of that time.

    What the hell those innocent children will learn? Go door to door, beg for food, then eat that strange mixture.

    Who is responsible for this? molvi who exploit poor or our system that has nothing for the poor?

  • LifeH2O

    <div>              And you are recommending Madrassahs for reform of the educational system ?</div>

  • No, Instead of these local Madarsah we need Institutes. Just like there use to be institutes for other specific subjects. Institutes do not create beggars, the teach them, create beautiful educated minds.

    Our madarsahs are like backyard where useless things (children of poor) are thrown to get the knowledge of Islam, what the heck...

  • Who is responsible for this? molvi who exploit poor or our system that has nothing for the poor?

    Poverty is common in other parts of the world as well, but you dont see this kind of behavior from so called religious leaders there. In my opinion jahil molvi lift the most weight here.

  • The religious leaders depending on charities are not good but comparatively better than those who enjoy luxurious facilities on the foreign aid.

  • @HF
    Good point.

    But speaking of training beggars, let's not forget our rulers (themselves beggars of foreign aid) are turning the populace into beggars as well through BB income scheme, Watan card, BB baywa card, etc. In my village I hear you cannot find any workers for field work any more because most of the households are getting at least Rs. 10,000 a month for doing nothing but registering for all these schemes. Same is true in the cities (here the middle-class and upper-class is guilty) where the committed can grab a couple of monthly rations in a days work knocking at peoples doors and live off of that....

  • nato

    The nation has to settled very heavy costs for the charity of big beggars of the nation.