Mini-Budget: No Money for Development; Unlimited Money for Killing

  • I put this as a comment elsewhere but I think it needs highlighting:


    The government is telling us because of floods, they have to cut the development budget by Rs73 Billion.

    **YET they find enough money to INCREASE the defense budget by Rs 120

    Billion and that too to KILL people (increase "had been made for a major

    military operation in the tribal areas")**

    And finance ministry is pretendingĀ  not to know:

    "senior officials in the finance ministry expressed ignorance about the

    increase and one of them said it must have been a typographical error"

    Typographical error my @ss...

    P.S. Remember this is a day or two after 72 + 5.5 Billion theft by the army was exposed by PAC

  • The present government is working on foreign agenda. This increased budget can be arranged by allowing more drone attacks, more visas for Blackwater and letting Mossad and Raw work freely in Pakistan. Man, have trust in your leaders they know what they do!