The government of Pakistan we want close these sites.

  • **A Report of American professor:


    More than 70% of Internet User in Pakistan Involve in bad uses of

    internet. he said the mean of Pakistan is pure clean people place but

    they are not clean people,  70% Majority of people using immoral sites. So, awake Muslims what are you doing in internet, you are leaving Islam and its teaching.

    Please give your comments.

    we want to give a message to our govt to close these sites and save are people other wise it will be the big disaster for youngsters of Pakistan and new generation.

    The government of Pakistan we want close these sites.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I think your not looking at the big picture here. My point is, you are not looking at things in context. You need to look at the bigger picture to understand what is going on around here.

    Remember, Islam's laws are 'dynamic' in nature. They 'adapt' to whatever 'situation' a human being or a group of human beings is faced with.

  • if pakistanis are using these sites and visiting them, who is the host of these sites. if they have so much problems with these sites, why they dont block them for everyone. the problem is not porn sites, problem is pakistanis.
    i agree pakistanis do visit these sites, but they are portraying as only pakistanis visit these sites. one sided propoganda story.

    just like english media now portraying as only pakistanis are involved in match fixing scandals, pakistanis do involve in match fixing but they are not the only one. biggest bookies are in dubai and india. why just only blame pakistan. rest of the world is good only paksitanis are bad.

  • Actually my point is not dis grade our self I want convoy only one thing, Pakistanis are involve Watch Hasbe Hal program on this topic you will clear my point view its not a propaganda American professor but also clear by  Information technology Department. that handle all the internet services.

    please we want close these site from Pakistan internet sever

  • The reason why the immoral sites are used by the majority of Pakistanis  may be that the internet users in Pakistan are mostly the young boys. The people of elderly or matured age are not the majority of the internet users in Pakistan.

  • The thing is that the new generation is involve in this a whole world want to destroy Pakistani new generation with immoral sites war. My point is only that to convoy our young generation to stop watching these sites. its against the islamic rules and teachings.

    Govt should close these sites, we want close these sites. its urgent as like Indian channels. we want a new Pakistan pure clean and honorable society.

  • i agree with azeem20's point.

    <div>pakistani people are tempted... may be true and govt needs to take measures.. but what about the producers, promoters, marketers, sponsors, supporters of this industry?</div>

  • The evil is out there, agree but isn't it out there everywhere?
    Can we protect us by just staying at home.
    Educate your youth to recognise the evil and the face it instead.
    Prohibitions are no solution!

  • no, it isn't everywhere.

    <div>i know many non-muslim countries where porn sites are prohibited/unaccessible -china for one.</div>

  • Salam,

    Pornography is just one front, there are hundreds of tools being applied to corrupt us as a nation, do you really believe you can fight this hidden war by just prohibiting few sites alone?

  • that is right truthlover, no use fighting the symptoms of disease, i would rather go for what cures the disease, symptoms would disappear as a result.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Everything in life is inter-connected. When we look at only one side while ignoring to note other sides, this will not help us resolve the issue.

    It will always be a temporary fix. Patch work, so to say.

    There are a lot of factors contributing to this issue. We need to look into all of those factors. Then it will become easy to 'understand' the issue at hand.