PPP is ‘one man show’: Naheed Khan

  • what do you think?is she right

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    <span>Staff Report</span>

    RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is a 'one man show', alleged the party's senior leader, Naheed Khan.

    Naheed Khan on Thursday said that democratic culture in PPP is no more.

    "A group within the party is destroying the vision of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto."

    She said that the gap between party workers and the government is increasing. Naheed Khan was of the view that the League platform can't destroy PPP.

    "No one can suspend the membership of the party activist. The membership of Safdar Abbasi has been suspended without prior notification," she added.

    Naheed Khan said that President Asif Ali Zardari has kept non-serious men in the Central Executive Committee of the party.

    She demanded for decision makers to be neutral. SAMAA

  • @asif86
    Good that you have posted the news along with the link (link itself is not working).

  • All sad for Pakistan.
    The binding force is now..........
    Result of Killing of Shaheed Benaxir Bhutto.
    Killers are still safe behind ........

  • Well PPP always was one man show. ZAB and BB also never allowed difference of opinion among their ranks. And why just PPP? Look at Altaf bahi, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan. No one allows opposition with party ranks.

    <div>  We don't have Obama/Hillary like culture that encourages challenges from within the party. </div>

  • The internal rifts of PPP are rising up now so evidently. .

  • there is no point , Naheed and others are saying out this here and there .
    people cant do anything about it .
    they have to go for a forward block , in order to get out of this state of alienation and self pitty .

  • The problem with Naheed Khan is that most of the powerful PPP leaders are supporting Zardari, so she and her supporters are almost powerless.

  • no , i disagree with the though that most powerful ones are with Zardari .i think , most dumb and losers are with Zardari.

    on contrary , who were strong in thier standing , has been pushed towards the wall ...due to insecure nature of Zardari.

    if Aitezaz Ahsan , Amin Faheem , Naheed Khan , Safdar Abbasi, Nafees Siddiqui etc will initate a forward block .

    u can see , how many in PPP ,are gonna to join them further ?

  • @Beenai
    if Aitezaz Ahsan , Amin Faheem ... will initate a forward block

    You must be joking...

  • may seems like a joke at this point ,but can become a reality any day .dont get surprised .
    our back door actitivities are famous in the world .

  • PPP - inherited by Zardari.

    <div>If you notice that Naheed Khan and her husband Safdar Abbassi, Amin Fahim and other so-called dissidents were waiting in the wings and </div>

    <div>not coming out to go against Zardari - were waiting for scraps of jobs from the Gang leader. They kept their mouth shut or muffled their comments.</div>

    <div>Amin Fahim got a ministry for a reward.</div>

    <div>Now that Naheed Khan et all have come to know that Zardari is on the way out- well now they like any good Vulture worth his dead meat have started to position themselves for the scraps. A key demonstration of this was Anwar Baig on a talk show the other day.</div>

    <div>The fact is that Naheed Khan and Safdar Abbassi are just cronies who were left out.</div>

    <div>They were with BB in the car.</div>

    <div>They could have stopped her from getting her head out of the vehicle- Or could they ?</div>

    <div>No they could not because BB was the boss and these people were mere servants which they still are and will remain so.</div>

    <div>And to expect anything worthy of substance from such people is just wishing for fishes.</div>

  • in our country, every political party is family limited corporation and operated as one man show.

    PPP:  Mr Zardari
    PML-N : Nawaz Sharif
    PML-Q: Ch Shujaat
    MQM: Altaf Hussain
    ANP: Asfandyar
    JUI: Fazlour Rehman

    and so many other examples... so whats wrong in it?

  • they r not democratic, they feel and behave like king and believe in monarchy.