All Set; to be Booted Out

  • Although, most of the previous military takeovers were executed on the earnest request received from the politicians; but military is known to have intervened—–primarily to put the house in order; where politician had failed miserably and country was at the brink of collapse. Under the circumstances the apex courts always came forward to validated their interventions and also authorised their mandates. But over the time military has seen that after their take over; although they put their best efforts to put the house in order but toward the end; they earned only the bad name.

    The history speaks that for all their sacrifices and hard works; they got the label and hateful name of dictators. They were charged with abrogating the constitution and above all— even the stigma of —treason.
     But they earned all this——for what? Just to put the house in order?

    It is known fact that present government is carrying out broad day robberies and is busy in looting and pilfering. Even after some extensive borrowing from world banks, IMF and other institutions---- not to mention the enormous economic and military helps which are additional---- but strangely all the monies are found since drained and vanished. Reportedly; there is no money left even to pay wages in the Universities and other institutions. All the major national institutions are running in loss with billions of their deficit.

    At the same time, present regime is seen trekking the route of utter defiance to better the governance and put the house in order. Court orders are being wilfully disobeyed. They are looking forward with one aim—that they be booted out—- so that they may get away with their all the pilferage and loot.

    At this stage; although Military must move in to take over so that country be saved of disintegration and house be put in order——– but this must be done on what accord and to what avail? Why they must become a scapegoat once again?

    The change in the country is inevitable but in my opinion; I think this time it seems that military has learnt enough of lessons out of all the previous experiences. I do not see any coup taking place by military—- but there is quite a possibility that Apex courts may order the military to come in aid of civil power.

    How this new ‘civil power’ will be constituted; let us wait and see. Regards

  • They are preparing for it from the day of taking over the charge from them with the help of media and later on Judiciary. They never allowed the civilian to work.
    Unfortunately Zardari was incapable to deal with them. There are many  doubles Like Rehman and Nisar.

  • Trying to become a hero but I think it’s too late for the HERO---GILANI 
     Strange enough; seeing that Apex courts are now serious; and Gilani feeling the nooze tightening around his neck; has very humbly requested, all the NRO beneficiaries to be kind enough to resign.

    What an executive order being passed....!

    Gilani was speaking today to his senate members---.

  • Apex ........
    Puppet under the Toe

  • Anwer Kamal

    The poor ruling party; no more they may find their sympathisers.

  • "most of the previous military takeovers were executed on the earnest request received from the politicians;"

    Ya most of as it was not the case last time. Mush was a <u>"Bin bulaya mehman"</u>

  • You will see after few months, If there is a change

    اس بھری دنیا  میں کوئی بھی ہمارا  نہ  ہوا

    Do you know  anyone thinking for Pakistan ?

    Yes every one .

    جو چند قطرے خون  غریبوں میں بچا ہے  وہ  بھی نچوڑ  لیں

  • You can translate killah in Urdu or English.

    ایک گورکن مردوں کے کفن اتار کر بچ دیتا تھا - جب وہ مرا تو لوگ بہت خوش

    ہوے کہ اب ہمارے مردوں کی بےحرمتی نہیں ہو گی - کچھ دنوں بعد ایک آدمی نے

    چھپ کر دیکھا تو نیا گورکن نہ صرف وہ کفن اتار رہا تھا بلکہ مردے کی

    ...... ایک کلہ بھی ٹھونک دیتا تھا

    You just wait for change.