Campaign to force this govt. decrease their expenditures?

  • As you all know that the Govt. has decreased the budget of Education, and an increase in the budget of Defense is needed.
    Do you think starting a movement to force the govt. decrease their expenditures for example by decreasing the number of minsters will bring a change?

    Please, state clearly the advantages and disadvantages of such a movement at this stage.

  • how will the movement be started?...ways?...does a common man's words have any influence on those thiefs?

  • Well starting such a movement is a complicated task.
    The point is that once the students are sure, such a movement will bring some change they will definitely do it for the sack of their country, their future+++

    Yes, common man's efforts has always brought a change. A very simple example is the restoration of judiciary.

  • in restortation of judiciary again there were some prominent groups involved that had it restored finally like Political Parties.Lawyers,NGOs etc

    i ask will most of them now willing to play any part in sucha campaign?...dont forget these are from the elite of Pakistan...which is corrupt to the core...they wouldn't like to contribute to any such compaign which ends against them ;)

  • Well as far as I understand, at this moment when the budget of education is cut, when universities don't have money to pay salaries,+++ all the students + teachers of all the universities will join such a movement and it will succeed.

    I am sure such a movement will find supporters in Political parties as well.

    But my question is that what will be the advantages, but more importantly disadvantages (regarding Pakistan, not individuals) of such a movement.