Nawaz voices strident support to SC

  • Nawaz voices strident support to SC

    <div class=""news_text1"">Pakistan

    Muslim League Patron Nawaz Sharif has vowed all-out consistent support

    to the Supreme Court to uphold rule of law in the country.

    Talking to media in Lahore on Friday, Nawaz called for removal of all the NRO beneficiaries in case they do not resign.

    Replying to a question vis-a-vis President Zardari’s indemnity, Nawaz

    said that, “Only the Supreme Court could decide about it and nothing

    could be said until that”.

    The PML-N chief deplored that many big criminals got indemnity under

    NRO. In answer to a question about court’s rulings, he said the

    judiciary has been restored after great sacrifices, and added the

    government should implement SC orders at all costs.

    “Huge sacrifices have been rendered for the restoration of judiciary”,

    Nawaz maintained and lamented that “I did not know that the judiciary

    has to face such fate after its reinstatement”.

    Nawaz reiterated that he would not move an inch from his principled

    stance regarding judiciary and other issues and pledged to make others

    do the same.

    “Politics or no politics, I will stick to my guns about judiciary”, Nawaz said.

    He called upon the government to give at least Rs0.1million each to the flood affectees.

    <font class="news_text_sub_heading"> Govt has implemented all SC orders except Swiss cases: Kaira</font>

    Federal Information Minister Qamaruz Zaman Kaira, while talking to Dunya

    News, said that Nawaz Sharif should come to the Parliament through

    democratic means. He claimed that the incumbent government has

    implemented all the SC orders except Swiss cases.

    He termed PM’s call in which he asked the NRO beneficiaries as

    principled. He said the people who have been granted bails could not be

    termed as convicts.

    He maintained that only the parliament is authorized to amend the

    Constitution. He said that those who are against the immunity enjoyed by

    the President should move a motion in the Assembly. He said that under

    Article 248, the President could not be prosecuted.


  • Now, after this statement of Sharief the revolution is start it will be the end of zardari corrupt govt.

    Sharief take a step we are with u. God bless u

  • @mazdoor
    Use your first ID you had registered with. All IDs that you generate will be blocked as this one.

  • This Nawaz is nonsense, the same PML (N) is defending judicial comission at every forum, the comission made to restrict judiciary power, and now this guys is making people fool. He was so unaware about Zaradi corruption, that he named him elder brother.

  • This is a very good step and yet again an evidence by NS that he not only strongly supports the constitution but also takes his responsibilty as the national leader to uphold constitution at all costs

  • awaisis

    The representer of zardari here wow its good. awasis r u really gelous from NS. I know without NS judiciary can not take panga with zardari talk on facts. he is sincere with Pakistan.

  • those who do not admire this decision of NS are actually supporting Zardari behind scenes........just like JI used to do in the past but never really got them anywhere!

  • NS is with SC if it punishes any one from PPP.But he would be against SC when it would punish someone from PML N who are equally corrupt and bad.

  • watninsaf


    ulta choor kotawal ko dantay

    I can feel your jelisi with NS. Actually when u support Mushi for Refrendum that your leader will face this punish from judiciary you also do same as like zardari, inside we get a result you are supporting zardari wow great

    shaming insaf illegal leader with illegal works every time support army intervention.

  • Jasim Sb - Should I post a video here where your Nawaz Sharif is calling Zardari his elder brother ??

  • @awaisis ..... at the same time please post the following videos too

    • Zardari signing NRO with Mush

    • Altaf inviting martial law

    • Qazi passing resolution in favour of Mush

    • IK chanting slogans in favour of Mush on overthrowing elected govt

  • @ 1hr - IK admit number of times the mistake he made supporting Mush, and withdrew even before general elections from his support.
    Can you post any video where Nawaz is admitting his mistakes starting from favouring Zia, taking all benefits, to calling Zaradari elder bro.

  • **@awaisis
    They don't have any answer to your question.It requires education,character and honesty to differentiate between right and wrong.
    They have been found involved in:
    3-Supporting dictators
    4-Throwing Judges out of the court
    5-Giving in to American wishes
    6-Killing innocent in Police Muqabalas
    And the list goes one.

    Once I saw N.Sharif  kicking an old man who needed his help as his son was sent to jail for the crime he never commited.After kicking Nawaz laughed at old man.This incident took place in Attock in 1998.

  • when Zardari goes so does takla sharif

  • @wantinsaf,

    <div>You are a bull$hittiyo. Show us the proof that NS kick an old man in Attock back in 1998. If and whenever you decide to open your mouth, back your grotesque claims with tangible alibis/evidences. </div>

    <div>Its high time that the fan club quit talking from their backside.</div>

  • @Not Possible,

    <div>When Zardari goes, NS goes as well.......The establishment brings back the KANRA DAJAL from London you folks call Altaf Bhai and install him as our undisputed leader; this is what your interpretation of an ideal scenario, say it aint so?</div>

  • watni insaf

    agar nawaz atmy dhamaky na karta to aj tum kisi hindu kay bathroom ki buship clean kar rahay hotay.yeh tumhara imran k kisi jail main gass kat raha hota ya khotay nehlata. American to neray teray nh atay NS kay American ka sath dena hota to atmy dhamakay na karty gusip leader kay gusip supporter,

    Your dear leader Imran k also involve in support to dictator for thier 10 years rules wata gusip leader and today also support army actually he cannot win election thats why army ko anay ka keh raha hai.

  • @ Jasim Sb - Only speaking the s hit - Did u make one logical answers of the questions raised, or even did u even try to answer.

  • PPP begging NS now.................. but i dont believe NS will pay much heed to the beggars

    few months or about a year ago jyalas were claiming how Zo-rdari had out monouvered NS politically (by lying & breaking promises infact!!) are now holding a begging bowl...........but its too late!