Honesty is the Best Policy

  • beenai said

    "Advertising is my profession ....
    i get paid by my employer; for my ideas , my concepts , my wordings and my thoughts .
    and i do my work with utmost honesty (which is a norm , rule and law in the daily business from religious code of conduct we all follow)

    as an advertising professional , i have observed that if the quality of product is not good , then it wont make its way i n the market ,no matter , how good the ad campaign may be."

    My concern is

    My 'relative' works on a composing shop, they have scanner, color printer etc.. I went there and most of the customers were there to change their original documents.

    I saw him editing information on an National ID card, then he changed "UNFIT" to "FIT" on a health certificate, he changed some information on a licence.. He told me that these are 'small' works, the owner of shop do something 'bigger'. Editing in degrees, certificates.

    The customers are general public (change any document), lawyers (often changing dates of events of important case docs), policemen, army men....

    He do his work with honesty (the reason i am referring benaai's post). Does Mirza Gahlib's reply still holds true here?

    "Good, strong reply, Beenai. No compromise with one's fundamental code of conduct and one does the job one has been called to do with the utmost honesty. I'm with you all the way there."

    Is it still honesty?

  • @LifeH2O
    "Is it still honesty?"

    No! (I am sure you also read my comments in response to that here and here)

    People would argue the guy is going "honest" work (it takes time and effort and sometimes creativity and always quality to make those 'changes' and the more "honest" the effort, the better the end result) so what if the work itself is not honest...

    I of course argued different :-)

  • ^^^
    And of course I certainly disagreed -- and still do -- with MG's reasoning...

  • The society is becoming like all the despized Western Societies.
    The education in business administration is teaching all of those ideas and principles that are working at madison Avenue Advertizing outfits.
    Just look at the TV Ads, the Bill Boards, the Ads on the news paper web sites etc etc.

    If we are talking about honesty in advertizing- that is a contradiction in terms.
    By the very definition- you try to convince a group of people to buy something and you use any and all tricks of the trade to achieve your goal- which is simple.
    Get someone to buy your idea and pay you big time for it.

    If you want to sell a set of shirts for the women of the city- you put up an Ad using the female body and it's key points( PUN intended) and that is how you attract attanetion.

    That is it. The whole thing is about attracting ATTENTION!

    Does not matter if you use deception , coersion or influence through Hormones.

    We are living in a wolrd like that.
    And the advertizers, etc are all praying 5 times a day and fasting and going for Hajj too.

    And big money is being made.

    So , who is going to stop all of this.  No One can.

    Now that is an honest statement.

  • what's this topic all about - MG, beenai?

  • @shimatoree Advertisers lie a lot about their products. It will not be honesty in that case. I am not saying that Benaai is doing something wrong. I quoted that just for example.

  • LifeH2O

    Yes. You are on the dot.

  • "Honesty is the best policy." In which part of the world?
    Just imagine what may happen, if the products are made honestly, people are told that they don't need to buy new cloths each month as their old garments can last for decades. governments tell the true state of economies to their citizens........This wonderful world of our shall collapse like a house of cards.
    No change this old idiom with new one.
    Dishonesty makes the world go round!