PML-N MPA accused of torturing (pregnant) wife


    Forgive him for he was DRUNK! :-P

    The mother in law of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N) MPA Haroon Sultan Bukhari on Friday accused him of torturing her pregnent daughter.

    Bukhari’s wife Fatima has been admitted to Services Hospital Lahore where her mother told the media that the MPA subjected Fatima to severe torture over a minor issue.

    She alleged that it was not the first time that her daughter, who was married two months ago, had been tortured. She also alleged that Bukhari was drunk when he thrashed Fatima last night.

    A case has been registered under section 506 of criminal court against Bukhari and his brother Basit Sultan.

  • must be kicked out of the party.

  • oh well this is Pakistan Muslim League and PPP;   they will never check and verify " chaal chalan" of seat holder.

    Fake degree pakri gai to kia howa... fake degree waley ke bewi ya bhai to ticket de ker khara ker do.

    Shameless leadership

  • Side Note:
    This story also highlights another aspect of the problem with our politics. It mentions that the brother of Haroon Sultan, Basit, also took part in the beating.

    Basit too is an MPA but on a PML-Q ticket. See where I am getting at? It is always the same people who are in power no matter which party is in power (I am sure another close relative of theirs belongs to PPP). There are many, many such cases...

    P.S. What  were they pissed about? Well:

    For the last few days, Haroon allegedly started **demanding from her to

    bring Rs 40 million from her parents. The victim refused to bring money**,

    over which the accused MPA subjected her to torture with the help of

    his brother Basit Bukhari.

  • agree with you nota

    waisy to uskay ghar ka matter hai. lkn ab media main hai to bhai isko ulta lataka kay maro.

    part will not support him and send a lanat on those people who are involve in that,  actually they are related to those areas where orat is nothing but inlogo ko ab samjh ajani chahiye kay media in front ab aise kalay kuty bach nh sakain gay

  • nota-

    as you know I have a little experience of my own on this subject.

    The problem is that of the de-humanization of girls and women all over and I must say that the parents are as much to blame for creating this notion that women are Naqis ul Aql and somehow less human( 50 %) than men.

    In 1974 I was a student in New York city and got a call from the English wife of a Pakistani Physician about being thrahsed by him and his brother and she needed help. Well, I could not but I did tell her that she needed to call the law enforcement people whom she did. Well she was 8 months pregnant and guess where she was hit ?
    Her stomach.

    And of course you know about Islamic Divorce case.

    The very fact that you have placed this item here and as of now Nawaz Shareef has not done anything about it says quite abit already.

  • its just effing sad when things like this happen.
    why do we have such leaders who cant even respect women... really really really annoying.

  • lets see if the sharrif brothers kick him out of the party or stick to their old habbit of announcing the kick out but not really kicking out.

    <div>may God get PML-N rid of all such people...</div>