Rajput turned Dalit Dog

  • A dog's life couldn't get worse. A mongrel brought up in an upper caste home in Morena was kicked out after the Rajput family members discovered that their Sheru had eaten a roti from a dalit woman and was now an "untouchable".

    On Monday, Rampal ex-communicated the dog. A village panchayat was called, which decided that Sheru would now have to live with Sunita and her family because it had become an untouchable. Sunita Jatav was fined Rs 15,000.  

    I thought untouchability was restricted to human beings - The other side of 'no.3

  • This is what I call one step forward ten steps backward.

    If a dog could become untouchable from Rajput it could become Brahmin too. That would be a sacred dog or a bytch rather, since a bull is not sacred as the cow. Through reincarnation forms can change to higher or lower status depending the good or bad work done in previous janam, but this transmigration is occurring in a single janam and to animals. Their religion is definitely evolutionary.

  • Even in this case we are better then India;    hum ney eik kutey ko President bana dia