PM vs CJ: Get Ready for the RUMBLE...

  • From the "Of a 3-month PM,..." link above:

    ...The honourable Chief Justice said a lot, advised a few times, even gave clues to the clueless lawyer about the right way of diluting court’s decisions instead of stubbornly refusing to honour them. But it was one line that stood out and summed up the possible future scenario when while warning the government, through its baffled legal eagle, the CJ sombrely intoned that were the government to stay on the apparent course by avoiding honouring court decisions then it harboured serious consequences. To quote him, “Once you (government) take a decision then there are others who can take their decisions”. And this ominous warning came at the heels of a couple of earlier statements that he had made while addressing the attorney general, who perpetually looked like a deer caught in the headlights of the hunters jeep. The CJ had earlier remarked, “this system has been restored after great difficulty...there is no respect for courts, judges, constitution, judgements....there must be collective rule of law”. And the final warning to the man at the helm of affairs, at least on paper anyway, “the prime minister is a wise man, who must know the consequences well”.

    What the honourable chief justice probably doesn’t know, or maybe would be hoping against hope for the sake of the system that it would not be so, is that the government’s legal team has decided to take on the court on the Swiss letter issue even if its stand meets the same fate as the famous last stand of General Custer. According to insiders, the executive has plans to even take the extreme measure of withdrawing the executive order (whether it can is another matter) responsible for reinstating the incumbent Supreme Court, the political and other consequences of such a confrontation be damned, and attempt replacing chief justice and some of the effected judges with others. Such is the fear of opening the door to president Zardari’s possible prosecution that his people are willing to close down the system. Talk to them and one of their fears is that by agreeing to write the Swiss letter the government would, by implication, be taking away the president’s immunity at home.....

  • We are waiting since december but our judiciary seems to be just a paper tiger.

  • @Truthlover
    "We are waiting since december but our judiciary seems to be just a paper tiger"

    True! Let's see if judges has any far they have been pathetic.

  • Nobody actually wants to get blamed for derailing the system so all available avenues are being perused to amicably resolve the issue(in reality however things are headed for collision) .  Otherwise if time isn't given to these incompetent jerks then they'll start portraying themselves as political shaheeds..

  • @doctor,
    If it's martyrdom they seek, then better give it them, only to fools can they cheat and we have ample of them in Pakistan.

  • Once again I am forced to quote Comte De Mirabeau-( a Kafir  )-

    1.   Most men lack character.

    2. It is always the MAN who matter , Men do not matter.

    3. In the history of nations- the future is often decided by MOMENTS. A single moment comes and you need a leader who is aware and grabs the moment and history is changed.
    Most of the time you have small men who dilly daly and vacsilate and cannot make up their minds waiting constantly for a better opportunity and thus they miss the moment.

    I think the present lot in Pakistan gives a great definition for the word

    PATHETIC and Misreable.

  • Who is he to say words to a unanimous elected prime minister ?
    Don't forget his past.

  • @ Anwer Kamal

    Maybe because PM and his Mrs are loan defaulters and if it were a common person who had defaulted he/she would be behind bars but because it is the Pir of Multan and unfortunately PM of Pakistan he gets of scot-free.

  • Their loan has been settled already.
    You want those again who handed over Afia to USA.

  • I wonder what that means exactly when you say loan is settled, so did he pay it all back or did he get a clean slate because he is PM of Pakistan now.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I 'think' it is a better idea for the world economy to collapse before Mr. Chief Justice makes his move in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Anwer Kamal: When did Mr. Gilani settle that loan ?

    This is wrong. He has not! returned public money that he took. According to the last news I heard about this issue, Mr. Gilani returned 10% or less of the state/public money he embezzled.

    @shimatoree: Can you please spare us these quotes ? I'v had more than enough of this nonsense. This is 'empty talk' to 'provoke' others.

  • If Gilani was a rickshaw driver with no hookups would his debt be settled for pennies on the dollar?

    I don't believe that Z-League has decided to sack Rehman Malik, C.Mukhtaar, Salman Farooqi....but they will pull another move to fool the country and the judiciary.

  • _"I don't believe that Z-League has decided to sack Rehman Malik,

    C.Mukhtaar, Salman Farooqi....but they will pull another move to fool

    the country and the judiciary."_

    Don't know if this is related but supposedly Salman Farooqi has left for America ("for medical reasons") and Rehman Malik's family has left for London...

    BTW: Gilani is holding a press conference tonight

  • Zardari's front man Salman Farooqi have already fled . First they were saying he has gone for medical treatment,now PM today said he has gone for 'vacations' and he'd be back soon.

  • PM and Zardari met Kiyani on Saturday night, reminds me of kiyani's role during long march.

  • Zardari aide flees to US

    **President Asif Ali Zardari's aide Suleman Farooqi, who has

    been one of the key beneficiaries of the National Reconciliation

    Ordinance (NRO), fled to the United States Saturday.**

    <div class="body">

    Calls to his office and home went

    unanswered. Farooqi' s

    staff also did not respond to calls.

    Federal Minister for

    Privatization Waqar Khan confirmed

    the report, saying: "_Yes he has fled to the United States. Being the

    beneficiary of NRO, he was to face the Supreme Court and orders from the



    Khan added: "Prime Minister (Yousaf Raza Gilani)

    will sack all NRO beneficiaries on Monday because he has committed on

    the floor

    of the Senate that NRO beneficiaries have no place in the government."


  • Waqar Ahmed Khan privatization minister,his brother and his father are all senators. They buy senate seats for Rs50 million a piece ..