How to treat Special People

  • Once on an India news channel i saw a girl taking interview of a small blind boy who was very good at singing. She asked him many question but non of those questions was pointing to his disability from any point.

    She didn't let him think about it in whole interview. I was very impressed because on all other interviews of Disabled people they use to ask about their disability a lot.

    No one likes to be talked about his/her disability. They just want to be treated like any other person. Mushtaq yusufi in his book Chirag Taley says that "Main is nateejey per pohcha hun k morphia k injection mareez ki bjaewy mizaaj pursi krney walon k lgaey jaeiyn to mareez ko bohat jald sakoon aa jaey".

    So we should do them same, we should not make them 'feel' like disabled.

  • LifeH2O


    <div>I see that you have either experienced this or seen this very closely.</div>

    <div>Our people are sincere, but they really don't know how to treat someone with disability, out of their sincerity they feel pity for disabled and make life of disabled more depressing along with his/her family, some time forcing them to go socially isolated.</div>

    <div>People in their mind show empathy or sympathy but actually hurting disabled and his/her family, included are even highly educated ones as well.</div>


  • Imagine if all people around you start saying that you are mad and you should be treated by a doctor. Any of your act will be considered madness.

    If you have any disability you surely know about it. People around you will tell you again and again that you are disable, even if you are doing anything normally they will fell pity for you, just get ill and experience it yourself :)

  • i know some people who are mentally disabled because of Music, They listen modern pop music which creates so many mental disease. Once u go deep in Music there is no cure for this mental disease.

  • @supersoldier Does this make any sense here? That boy was not blind because of music. This is another bad way to treat.

  • life h2o

    the only difference is that the boy is blind with eyes. But music lover to whom i often met are blind with heart. I my oppinion he is real blind whose heart is can't see. Blindness of eyes doesn't matter here.

  • And you feel just pity for them? This thread is about disabled people

  • i have observed a poor habit in our society .that we refer and call disabled people with their disability .

    i have seen some educated people doing so .in my ad agency , we have two people who are expert in pasting art work and hand illustrations . both are special people . both are deaf and dumb .unfoortunately , most of the staff , which is qualified and has mangerial post , call them and refer them as Gonga (Dumb).
     i always call them with their names .and try to chat with them other than work related issues , with sign language .

  • So, the word disabled is actually very inappropriate, but this is how we know them

  • right word is "special people" .
    always refer them as so .

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  • mujhay lagta hay .
    humaray liye sub se disable log humaray siyasat dan hain.
    aaj se Disable people kisi mazoor ko na kaha jaye .
    disable sirf aur sirf Zardari , Musharraf , Nawaz ,Shahbaz , Altaf , Fazlo , Qazi aur Asfand Wali ko kaha jaye .
    meri tazweez .:):):)