Human Drones!

  • “They are convinced and coerced into doing this by very clever ,cunning people who use their skills at turning the hurt and disaffected young men and boys into their own " DRONES " The only difference between the drones of the Americans and these LIVE human drones of these people is the that the Americans fire their drones from air planes. “Most of the men involved in all of the suicide attacks including 9/ 11 were taken advantage of. They were simply tools used by very clever people.

    These men had no understanding of what they were doing, even though many of the men were highly educated. The  disaffection and alienation and economic deprivation has created a large group of human beings which are fertile material for the clever political operatives of the clandestine variety.The wars imposed on the Muslims by the West and the Israelis  have caused the young men's mindset where Hope is no more and a sense of hurt and helplessness prevails.

    Some of these young men after prodding by the extremist ideologues end up becoming these Human DRONES which go and blow themselves up along with others in the name of doing something- anything to sooth their dishonor and avenge their pain.

    Quote "
                An excerpt (paraphrase and translation) from a comment made by a family member of human drone.

  • But, but, but...but....

  • @shimatoree have you seen the interview of a human drone?... see how there brains are washed

    This drone was prepared by Mullahs, not sure about others.

    Some of these drone may have had nothing to loose, some may be doing it for a great cause, some for 70 women afterlife... some may have no brains

    But i think all of them see this life as Useless thing.

  • How Humans drones are prepared! This human programming surfaced during the murder investigation of Robert F.Kennedy in 1968: If Sirhan he was programmed, the trigger words came from a young woman who said to him "Could you pour me a cup of coffee with a lot of cream and a lot of sugar?" He claimed to remember those words and then someone wrestling him to the ground. Police Sergeant Bill Jordan said that Sirhan could remember everything that happened to him in the last year, but that he was a complete blank when it came to a twelve week period. It has been suggested that he was programmed then.

    Quite a lot of time since 1968 to perfect Human Programming Techniques...

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The 'how' human drones are 'prepared' is not important. Its irrelevant.

    What's important is the 'why' people 'want' or 'feel' the 'need' to become 'human drones'.

    The why is more important than the 'how'. The 'how' will mislead us, it will increase our 'hate' towards someone who we know nothing about, who we don't know for 'certain' if that person has committed any crimes or not. The decisions, actions we take as a result would be a 'catastrophe', a 'large scale' 'catastrophe', 'larger' than we think.

  • LifeH2O              
    Having spent most of my life dealing with human ailments of the body and the brain and studies of the same-I am not shocked at the techniques of persuation used by clever people.           
    You just have to look at the crowd that goes to Data Darbar  or the Dargah at Ajmer Shareef or Bari Imam in Pindi-to fathom the great amount of material that is available to any half smart guy who wants to create human" drones".

    Shucks you do not have to be alive-you can be dead and still influence those that are alive.             
    That is why the first step to prevent such things is:

    1.Stop the Air drones from killing people.

    2.Education of kids to think and question everything without the danger of being labelled Kafir or athiest or some such thing.

    It is good that I am not in the business otherwise I can tell you it ain't too difficult. All you need is a little bit of money and BANG !

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  • These human drones have existed for quite long time now, Srilanka, palestine, Iranian-Iraq war, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. What factors play role in preparing these individuals into ticking bombs are many and vary from one place to another. Often these are desperate, tired from life, brain washed and religious fanatics, who are being trapped into this cruel act. It's fatal to the bomber and kills mostly the innocents. Such desperate acts can be prevented by spreading the right education.

  • So,

    <div>There will be be no human drones IF THEY CAN THINK WITH THEIR OWN BRAINS</div>