Are they really Pakistani???

  • I know most of the people just brust on this topic but the truth never hide even you become the most "Pakay Muslim" The source is Siddiqui is the youngest of three siblings. She was raised first in Zambia until the age of eight, and finished her remaining primary and secondary schooling in Karachi, Pakistan. Her father, Muhammad Salay Siddiqui, was a British-trained neurosurgeon, and her mother, Ismet (née Faroochi), is a now-retired Islamic teacher, social worker, and charity volunteer who was prominent in political-religious circles, and who at one time was a member of Pakistan's parliament. Her brother is an architect who lives in her sister, Fowzia, is a Harvard-trained neurologist married to Nassar Jamali who worked at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore No one is living in pakistan and want to live in pakistan. These people use pakistani people as tissue papers, get education, experience and then settle in USA. If they are that much against them why not sell everything and return back to pakistan, but truth is that they even dont know the real (poor villagers almost 70% still) pakistani and also most of u. As you are all the people an hood on head who cant see the truth and think unbais.

  • Yes, i read the tweet of slaman taseer about this. They are not pakistani at all. Only their parents have some relation with Pakistan

  • she is pakistani no doubt (doesn't matter what passport she holds, it is the origin that matters) you would know if you are pakistani or not if you apply for india visa :)

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    There is no doubt in the fact that they are citizens of Pakistan, long standing citizens of Pakistan.

    Mr. tahirnaseem here is trying to dilute the issue at hand, by his 'attempt' to put up wrong information. In other words, he's trying to defocus us all from the issue at hand.

    I'm ashamed of people within our ranks, such as Mr. tahirnaseem, who try to 'dilute' issues by putting up false/wrong information. Which effectively means, they are committing crime of 'lying' 'publicly'. Their 'cause' is to disrupt, to deny the process of justice, delivery of justice to common man of this nation. They are a 'hurdle' in the well-being of common man of this nation.

    I'm sorry, I'm too angry on existence of this thread to talk on it.

  • Dear Haris
    I know your type of people mentality. I gave source from where i got these information and also that modified by your most innocent Dr. Afia.

    I hope dont wrie only that you can write good pharse (I m asking od Nasar in urdu) but i alwasy come with facts and figures. You can see my alst posts also. But the molvi like you and all other they alwasy emotional not realistic. Just give figure or paper to prove.

    and for Mr Salam (in your thinking taht you r the best pakistani) if we accept your logic then all of us are indian (I m pakistani by thousand years son of soil ) as b4 1947 our parents by birth indian.
    When you get the passport of USA you have take oath to LOVE USA not Pakistan. In next post i will give you the link of that post that your innocent Dr. Afia promis to get passport.

  • tahir naseem,

    <div>but where is your proof of aafia's citizenship?</div>

    <div>also you might want to correct pakistani govt on this info so they update there record..</div>

    <div>more info for your attention -read that short letter-</div>


  • At TS

    <div>kaisay kaisay log duniya main hain!</div>

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @tahirnaseem: Have you ever 'seen' family of sister Afia ? If you have, you should already have more than enough proof of her being citizen of Pakistan.

    Yes, she has studied abroad. Yes, she has passport for foreign country/countries. That doesn't mean she has 'forfeited' her citizenship of Pakistan. Neither does it mean she has 'abandoned' Pakistan as her nationality, her identity. There are countless number of Pakistanis already living in the west. Do you think they have forfeited their citizenship of this nation ? Of-course they haven't. You are wrongfully associating something with a citizen of this nation.

    You are 'accusing' me of using unsubstantiated words ? How about yourself ? How do you substantiate your claim(s) that sister Afia has abandoned her citizenship of Pakistan ?

    Do you have any proofs' to back up your arguments ?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @tahirnaseem: The MULLAH mentality is simple. They will standby each and every citizen of their nation, their collective.

    They will never! allow any citizen of this nation, the Muslim nation, to be condemned without da**ed good reasons.

    Unfortunately, you have 'feudal' mentality, which is totally opposite to what a Muslim is or stands for;

    (1) You will condemn one of your own at the first sight of an argument against them, without confirming, without checking if that argument is valid or otherwise

    That forces me ask you, are you one of us ? If you are not one of us, then you are one of them. If you were one of us, you would never allow one of your own to be condemned, untill you went through da**ed good reasons, evidence. Even then you would be adamant to support one of your own. Why don't you have this quality ? I see you supporting the west, rather than one of your own. What signal does that give to an intelligent human being ?

    <span></span>(2) Your ego, your attitude takes precedence over standards of justice of Islam

    You don't care about justice. About doing the right thing. Your first preference like many Pakistanis' is that everyone should submit to your ego<span></span>

    (3) You will not accept your own mistakes/crimes

    In other words, you are embodiment of 'typical' problems with Muslims of this era.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @tahirnaseem: MULLAH is powerless at this time. Our people have stripped him of power.

    Yet, it is MULLAH who stands up for rights, interests, well-being of Muslims. It is MULLAH who comes out on the streets and conducts protests in support of his people. It is MULLAH who 'consistently' 'struggles' for betterment.

    In contrast, what have you done ? How do you claim to have credibility' that equals or surpasses MULLAH ? I see nothing from you. I don't see any contribution from you to this community, this nation, its people, well-being of people of this nation. How do you substantiate your claim of having the 'credibility', the 'right' to speak in critical matters of people of this nation, people of this collective ?

  • @ Are they really pakistanis???

    Today even Afghan Mahajir claim they are Pakistani citizen.  i have doubt on Rehman Malik's nationality.

  • Dear Haris

    "Yes, she has passport for foreign country/countries. "
    I got the answer no how much lafazi people use but simple thing is that USA never give nationality to any one with taking OATH of loyality of USA more than any thing.
    This is very simply Munafiqat. Yes you can study but when you get nationality it clearly mean that yu dont like your current nationality. I am doing job in western country i can get the nationality but decline bcos i m pure pakistani.
    I cant my nationality on any case what so ever. This is pure munafiqat when you see benifits there become alley to them and when it is hard time then turn otherside. I must suggest that who opted for other passport, they must decline their Green passport or goverment ban on duel nationality like India. So every one have clear mind where should they loyal.
    and good for common people who can then understand that these are not well wishers of Masses of Pakistan

  • Good point. Dual nationality has done more harm than good to Pakistan. Pakistan should abolish this system.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @tahirnaseem: Nationality/green visa has its benefits for Muslims/people who have long term plans for staying in western countries.

    Sometimes it is even required, or you don't get 'better' 'treatment', for example, job opportunities, taxation benefits, national security checks that they perform before they give you a job, etc etc.

    Banning dual visa won't solve our problems for us. We need to 'revive' our local economy. The west has 'deceptively' taken over control of everything because they have taken control of;<span></span>

    (1) money**
    (2)** money supply

    which has 'enabled' them to 'forcefully' 'take over' economies of most every nation state in this world.

    We need to take back control of 'money', and 'money supply' in our nation

    back in our own hands. Without that, and 'reviving' our 'local' 'economy', improving our local fiscal situation, we will not be able to 'ensure' local people a prosperous life, we will not be able to 'have' or 'maintain' our 'freedom'.

    Moreover, unless we revive our local economy, there is no need for education, science and technology, etc etc, because there is no business to run, there is no products to 'create', which means 'creativity', 'hard work' is not required.

    Untill our local economy, the economies of all of Muslim UMMAH remains in dead state, we will never be able to bring about a healthy nation. Which means, our people will remain dependent on foreign jobs, foreign outsourced business opportunities. Which also means, they will have 'permanent' 'control' over everything we do.

    We have to break this control that they have over us. We have to revive our local economy. For doing that, we desperately need the following;

    (1) Loyalty to ALLAH ALMIGHTY, learning, practicing Islam (remain loyal to our own culture, values)
    (3)** justice**
    (4)** bravery**
    (5)** self reliance

    Otherwise, we will never be able to revive our local economy. We will never be able to 'get' 'freedom' or 'maintain' our 'freedom', our 'identity'.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Untill this nation is able to 'provide' prosperous life to its citizens, they will keep moving out to other, more 'green' lands, that is, lands rich with opportunities.

    Untill and unless;

    (1) Muslims/citizens of this nation become/remain loyal to ALLAH ALMIGHTY
    (2) this feudal nonsense is abolished permanently
    (3) democracy (political system for remote 'control' of other nations) is thrown away, and Khilafat is established
    (4) every Pakistani has 'freedom' to start, run businesses in our land
    (5) common man of this nation has 'confidence' in getting justice through the court of law of this nation
    (6) people become honest
    (7) people become just
    (8) people become brave
    (9) people become self reliant

    there is no way we will ever be able to have success.

  • Dear Haris
    Please clear my point with very fair words did, dr. Afia not take oath to get USA passport.
    2nd please look 110 million poor pakistani women/girls these are daughters o pakistan but may be not Dukhtaran-e- Islam (Special Isalm).
    Please do some good work not just blame you will find thousand and thousand who r doing the same. If she is good Muslim Allah himself take care her. We focus on those where we can reach and give some advantage.
    These 20 million dollar can arrange 100 good small 10 bed hospital in small twons. or can make 1000 dispencary for the balance daughetrs of pakistan.
    Please please please be realistic and logical first give empowerment to home and then look for others or attack t others.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    BS!. No 'excuses' please.

    If this nation can't protect, it can't fight for one of its own, then it has no right to exist. It should die!. It is as simple as that.

  • That is the really the soultion of you people. You even cant continue logical discussion for 10 minutes. For you type of people the solution you possess is right and all other world have no right to exist if they argue your solution.

    The history of nations full of struggle of centuries. You are the youngest nation in the world. You still need to formalize pakistani nationalism.
    Dont give me the example of Japan, Germany, China even india. These are from thousands years of survival. If you want to compare with USA, KSA, indonesia.

    So please spend your time for the betterment of this nation and for my point of view atleast 3 more generation if work honestly for the education and health then may be we r able to talk what u r talking now.
    So be logical and realistic......................