Corruption justified! Musawat should be observed...FM Abdul Qayyum Jatoi

  • 25th September 2010 - 07:15 pm Pakistan time.GEO News has released video footage of a press conference by a federal minister Abdul Qayyum Jatoi. In this press release Mr Jatoi favours corruption justifying it by saying 'Musawat should be observed' as all provinces hold a right to corruption!

    PM has taken notice. He has been called to Islamabad to justify his statement or else he would be removed from office.

  • hahaa--- reality speaks out...what u expect he will be removed... i bet nothing will change.

    This PM can only pass statements which u expect from stooges only.. He is impotent, how he can take action when some one is speaking on behalf of PPP chairman.This was all that was discussed in PPP core committee.. some ministers will speak dirty and rest will condemn and desired impression will be generated that PPP is being targetted for those actions which r common in all parties