NRO cases were false.

  • Most of the NRO cases were false.. It is proved by the decisions of the present independent judiciary . The latest example is the case of Jahangir Badar
    <span><span></span></span>Badar acquitted in illegal assets case

    Court acquits Jahangir Badar from illegal...

  • Then why are they reluctant to open the rest ?

  • @AK

    <div>This judiciary is fuc**d up. Jhangir Badar's acquittal is the biggest proof. Did you see the list of his assets including a new house on 10 canal  that he is building on Raiwind road. </div>

  • what can a judge do if whole administration plans to kick out the case?


    <div>a judge has to give decision based on evidence/witness/argument presented in court and evidence/witness/argument are controlled by zardari administration</div>


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Answer Kamal: I have serious reservations about you.

    You have no intention of allowing justice to be served. Through your decisions, your actions, you are 'repeatedly', 'consistently' showing us all that you don't want justice to be done, that you like this unjust world, as .. it .. is.

    Guess what ? Injustice is counter proportional to prosperity. There will be no 'prosperity', no tranquility, no peace of mind in Pakistan, among Muslims untill and unless justice is served.

    If you don't want your life, your loved ones, the life of your future generations, the lives of your collective, your nation, to go to hell (that means 'remain in bad/dead shape'), if you want to save your nation's (Muslim) local economy from remaining in 'dead' state, then you have got to do better than this.

  • Many of NRO cases were true,
    NRO people are not different than Amir,Asif and Butt.

    well said by Dr Mubashir Luqman about Match fixing UK

    Paki crickters are  like prostitute, find a prostitute for a night, when she agrees with you catch her and lock her in jail.things are not different one with NRO people.

  • اس حمام میں سب ننگے ہیں

  • How do you expect them to fight the cases properly when crooks are sitting in govt and govt is the one thats suppose to fight the cases and prove corruption,but ironically how would they do their job impartially in nonpartisan manner when they themselves are the one accused. Their credibility is already zero and now by withdrawing or not pleading cases properly they are basically shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Just because a case is lost and a rapist walks free doesn't mean he didn't committed rape,its just that prosecution failed in doing its job and was unable to prove that he was a criminal.

  • Nawaz admitted that false cases were made , Now this is power play only.

  • This was the opinion of lawyer for government of Pakistan (which  had charged Benazir and Zardari with corruption but ironically then took a U turn after dictator Musharraf's controversial and illegal National Reconciliation Ordinance ) Dominique Henchoz, a lawyer for Pakistan, confirmed its withdrawal as a civil party in remarks to the daily Le Temps.

    “Just because there has been an amnesty for the good of the country doesn’t mean that no crime was committed,” she added.

  • **“Just because there has

    been an amnesty for the good of the country doesn’t mean that no crime

    was committed,” she added.**

    And it is too  proved that no crime was proved.Only allegations.