Simple organo pathy by Dr. Sabir multani

  • Dr. sabir multani proposed his simple organ theory of treatment of human diseases in 1960s. his approach is veryy scientific.

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  • then we should show seriousness towards serious topics, i am trying to introduce you people the research of the great pakistani scientist Dr. Sabir theroy about diseases and this person is reacting stupidly, what u say abt this

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  • Dear if i don't know about his research, can u share the link or details what milestone he has achieved?

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  • u can go to this site and read the introduction of this theory but before this, tell wat is ur education background?

  • Well i m from IT side , possibly his medical research is beyond my understand but atleast u can summarized his research and how its different from other ways of  medical practices?

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  • thats gud question. actually his research says: human body is composed of three simple organs, heart, brain and liver. 3 kinds of tissues exists in body, muscular tissues whose origin is heart, endocrine system whose origin is liver and nervous system whose origin is brain. at one time. the organs like stomach, intestines, nose, ear etc are compound organs being composed of these three tissues. he said, in one particular disease, one of the 3 tissues will be stimulated, one is being in lithargic state and one is in sedate state. stimulated means direction of blood is flowing towards that direction, lithargic means blood is passing from the tissue and this tissue is behaving like a path for blood and sedate state means blood has passed from that tissue and now no more blood in coming towards it. the cure, according to this theory is to directionalze the blood towards that tissue which is in sedate state

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  • Mr. **shimatoree
    **your reply shows ur approach as well. i m not here to sell any kind of product, i m a mathematician not a doctor, i have read this theory in detail and found it a master piece. i just want people to know abt this philosphy of treatement becouse this theory treats diseases by diet and simple herbs and results are very positive. there is no advertisement of any kind of medicine or anything, its just for humanity but people like u never understand

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