Devil is pinning all its hopes on FATA

  • Reportedly; US is all set and ready to divide Afghanistan into two parts; north and south. North will be maintained by US in incorporation with the blue eyed, the Afghani north alliance as their mega base from where they may contain the emerging China as well as Russia. South will be given to Taliban and FATA the epicentre of devils will invariably fall to Afghani Taliban.

    In Pakistan; ANP is also; all set to endorse all above. The entire South Afghanistan, FATA and most of the part of old NWFP will be called ----the dream land----Pakhtunistan.

    ANP is already receiving ample grants from US; Mr Asfand Yar wali of ANP is seen extensively shuttling between Peshawar and Washington arriving back with full of money bags.

    On the other side, Baluchistan is already at the brink of its secession.

    Our Armed forces; the only force which may keep this land united--- may not be able to cope with this;;; as Nobody may run for ever.

    Es ghar ko Aag lag gai ghar kay Chiragh say

  • the moment they take a step back in retreat (under any pretext, doesn't matter) they wouldn't be able to stop or hold against the mounting pressure of locals..