Molvi Lobby

  • There exist a Molvi lobby who makes masjids 'on roads', 'over roads', 'masjid near another masjid', 'occupy a location for masjid'.

    An example below

    See this location famous as Ghanta Ghar Chowk

    you can see the big circular area in this image

    it is with

    this is one of the most busy locations of multan full of traffic and noise, Goverment was going to build a culture related building here, before that there was a small masjid here. All construction work of that new building was started, this lobby came in action with its powers and now they are going to build a mosque here.

    Now days they have placed some tents here to pray here... Is this place really worth worshiping? This is non-sense to pray in smoke and noises while there is no War

  • go to faith segment of this board and then post your utter propaganda

  • lol

    <div>its a menace..</div>

    <div>so many masajid.. and every molvi, mullah in charge of each mosque is preaching something different</div>

  • Valid point raised. Often these 'illegal' masjids are created to give protection to illegal encroached constructions, if action is taken against illegal encroachments serious hue an cry is made that masjids are being demolished. Here in Karachi on both sides of Lasbella bridge there must be like 4~5 mosques both Shia and beralvi covering all 4 corners of the brige, they are constructed to give protection to illegal shops and slums that have cropped up all the way uptil starting edge of the bridge. These are constructed so close to the brige that there is no room left for future expansion. Comming from M A Jinnah road towards northern parts of Karachi only this bridge is the major bottle neck,otherwise roads after this bridge are quite wide,this bottle neck results in serious grid locks both during morning and evening rush hour traffic. Lasbella bridge mosques are just one example,there must be hundreds of others too in Karachi and all over pakistan.

    p.s. I am not against mosques of any faith being constructed,but when it comes to public inconvenience and things that directly affect thousands of people every day then religious excuse does not hold any weight.In fact i personally think its haram to create some illegal structure which is  cause of inconvenience to so many people.

    If people can build mosque on illegally encroached public land then using the same logic these people might rob a bank and then use that money to give zakat to needy or utilize that money to go for haj..

  • i dont know about the lasbela bridge mosque whether they are legal or not, but yes, that road causes a lot of inconvenience as its too narrow for the heavy traffic that runs on it..... but the narrow road inconvenience is due to poor urban civil planning. a lot roads in karachi are too narrow for the heavy traffic that flows on them


    <div>but when the lyari expressway was underconstruction, the illegal houses below the lasbela bridge were demolished...</div>


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @LifeH2O: Curious 'choice' of 'topic' for a 'complaint' that is about 'lack' of 'justice', no ?

    What's your point ?

  • This is nothing more than religious black mail by those that feel they can do anything in the name of reliogion.

    The abuse of Loudspeakers is another.

    Of course the problem lies with the govt which has not credibility of their own and thus are coerced and black mailed by these people.

  • Let's not forget the same is true with "mazars" of fake pirs that pop up and slowly get bigger and bigger and bigger...

  • people have to pray 5 times a day, if there is a busy place with a lot of rush then it doesn't mean they don't pray in that area, but i agree, there is established protocol on praying area or masjid, it can not be just grabbed, it must be properly acquired/planned.

    <div>if govt starts building prayer rooms or places or masjids for people then these things wouldn't happen, but then govt fails in providing basic life facilities such as clean drinking water, what to expect about praying facility, so people take matter into their own hands.</div>

  • LifeH20

    And what about loud speakers , four loud speakers on each Masjid less than a killometer distances. Azan time create  medan-e-jang.

  • LifeH2O

    Mafia may be a more appropirate term rather than lobbby