Young Pakistan is moderate finds results of new study

  • Islamabad, Sep 24 : Pakistani youth are serious about their own religion, but do not want to impose it on other people, a new study conducted by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) has revealed.

    The latest issue of 'Conflict and Peace Studies', a quarterly research journal of the institute carries the outcome of the study focussed at examining the thinking patterns of Pakistan's youth, the Daily Times reported. According to the PIPS survey involving postgraduate students from 16 public and private universities and postgraduate public colleges across the country, 92.4 per cent respondents overwhelmingly considered religion to be an important factor in their lives, though 51.7 percent admitted that they did not offer prayers regularly. In what may come as a surprise to many, 79.4 per cent of the surveyed Pakistani youth thought that the Pakistani Taliban did not serve the cause of Islam. While 85.6 per cent respondents believed that suicide bombings were prohibited in Islam, 61.7 per cent people supported military operations in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). According to the survey, 95 per cent Pakistani youth favoured women education.

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  • REvolution in its Evolution

  • semirza sahib, many, many thanks!

    How representative of the youth of Pakistan would these postgraduate students be, I wonder. What percentage would they represent?

  • if we can stop the brain drain, things will change sooner

  • @MG
    _"How representative of the youth of Pakistan would these postgraduate

    students be, I wonder. What percentage would they represent?


    ... As many as 345 university students, 40 percent of them girls, participated in the survey. ...



    345 is too small a sample to be statistically valid I think. But for

    humor, let's accept it. Funny DailyTimes and other news organizations

    are hiding some other interesting findings, e.g.:

    • **U.S.

      wins hands down (29.5%) and is considered the biggest threat to Pakistan,

      followed by India(14.7%). Taliban and Al Q are a distant third and fourth

      (6.8% and 6.5% respectively)**

    • 71.3% of the men and 57.1% feel women should observe pardah outside the house

    :) :-P
    You can see the full survey here.

  • When they are talking about 'youth' the youth of those institutes is considered that is obviously modern, but i never knew that they consider religion important for their lives

  • Thanks for setting us right, nota. So interesting, but unrepresentative should be the conclusion. Sad. They might have done it better than that and then we'd have had something serious to go by.

  • interesting findings and good article link Mirza Ghalib.

    yes , i can see its true . with my personal , day to day interaction with youth on different fronts ... i can say this is quite true .
    our new generation is quite balanced in its views about everything in general and about religion ,in particular .

    they all respect religion , has a space in their lives for religion .
    but does not wanna impose their set of beliefs on others .

    its a healthy sign .
    its a positive signal .
    it shows ....the light at the end of the tunnel .

    Nahi hay Na-umeed Iqbal apni Kishat e Wiraan se
    Zara Num ho tou yeh Mitti bari Zarkhaiz hay Saqi

  • These surveys do work in developed countries, in undeveloped countries they are often worthless, as people involved in sampling are either not fully represtentative or are unpredictable.

  • I'm glad Beenai confirms part of the findings at least. But then that begs the question as to what it all adds up to?  For earlier generations of Pakistanis, the West was as a rule an exotic place as remote as Mars. If our younger generation lives with one foot in Pakistan, the other in the West, this does not necessarily mean progress for the home country. Or does ìt?

  • Mirza Ghalib ,i have met a no of young Pakistanis , who wanna live and serve here in Pakistan .i know many youngsters who went to disaster hitten areas of Khayber Pakhtunkhaw and interior sindh to rescue thier country men out of flood disaster .they were not from any particular political party or NGO .they went at their own will and expense .and did what was needed .some has came back and some are still moving around these areas .i know many students of Dow Medical , Baqai UNiversity , Karachi University and NED University of Karachi ...who were busy at Faisal base of Air Force , with packing releif goods for the flood victims all day long .....

    i can see its more than just humanitarian ground help.its the Love for the land and people ...which has got them to do more than anything else .so i can see a hope in the coming generation ...

    at least they are better off with the older generation ,who were sitting in front of Tv sets and saying