Dr. IsrarShah: Our ‘suicide bombers’ destroying PPP

  • PPP leader says ‘suicide bombers’ destroying his party
    By our correspondent
     ISLAMABAD: Senior PPP leader Dr Israr Shah has said that during the last three regimes of the PPP, the government was accepted as “Qisas” (compensation) of martyrs, and those who rendered sacrifices were ignored, while those who have nothing to do with the party enjoy power and remain involved in heinous corruption and loot.

    Dr Israr pointed his finger towards what he defined as “suicide bombers” in the PPP government who have brought the government into confrontation He said still there is time to get rid of these suicide bombers within the PPP government. He said still the PPP government may take wise steps and by eliminating such suicide bombers could start establishing good relations with the country’s independent judiciary.

    “Confrontation with the judiciary will be neither in favour of the PPP nor it will be in the interest of the country,” Israr said. “The worst scenario is that all the departments have been given instructions that they have to obey orders of some selected party leaders and should ignore the recommendations of workers and dissenting party leaders,” Israr said adding, “This attitude has created resentment among the general party workers and sincere party leadership at large.”

    He said those who rendered these sacrifices were made political beggars. He said that those having 40 years affiliations with the party have been made extremely desperate by the existing situation.

  • acha huwa peoples party ko zardari jaisa chairman mila... yeh shaks party ko khudi mantaqi enjaam to pohancha de gaa