Altaf says powerful states want to kill him

  • Get things in right order Peer Sahib,   kabhil taliban kabhi Afaq.... kabhi ISI .....
      Too much confusion dal rhey ho bhai

  • pir sahib should listen to his masters or else he will get kicked out and thrown to 'wolves' (his people), he has to toe the line that is 'it is an act of taliban' or else...

  • yaar aaj Peer Sahib ka koi Master ( ustad) hota to samjhatha ke  janab ab aap   be-per ke haan rhey ho.....
     en ko ab apney saye (shade) se bhi dar lagnaey laga hey.

  • lagta to yeh hay kai shaid scotland yard nay case kee karian pir saab sey milaa dee hain.. shaid isi lia woh pahlay say hee tayaari kar rahay hain...

  • Ab pura aalam (international establishment and powerful countries) are after MQM...

  • Powerful states want to kill only the leaders like Bhutto, Reza Shah, Shah Faisa, Anwer Saddat,,etc. Does Altaf think that he is so important to be targeted by the powerful states?

  • yea man stylish feudal rulers  like Bhutto&BB are so important for "international and national establishment"..... oor phr Inqalab ki batein bhi.... ye oonth kis karwat bhaithay ga?

  • I think MQM is passing through a very critical phase at the moment. Things like (very surprising) statment of revolution, killing of Imran Farooq are pointing to something in the air, but what is going to happen only time would tell.


    yes you are right, we have to see that:" oonth kis karwat bhaithay ga? "

  • oh , is that a signal ?
    or Scottland Yard has found out a fishy connection between Altaf and the murder of Mr. Imran Farooq ???

  • He has been an important piece on subcontinental chess board. Such pawns rarely die of natural causes. Perhaps he bellowed ‘O Jageerdara’  too loud and has to pay the ultimate price!

  • he has been a puppet of international powers .
    so has to be killed by them only .
    if they have decided that all the work ,they wanna take out of him , has been delivered .

    just like Saddam Hussain got killed , BB got killed , Bhutto got killed , Raza Shah Pehalvi got killed and Zia got killed by US Masters .

  • Those who sell their souls to Devil, owns them no longer.
    Altaf should have known this truth.
    Who can save him from his treacherous masters now, if they have decided to eliminate him?

  • Another cheap attempt at publicity by Altaf Bhai.

  • it may be a cheap act of getting publicity .
    but Altaf and his followers has to realize one day that Altaf has to be killed ...he wont die out of natural cause .

  • @Beenai,

    <div>All Altaf Hussain needs to do is to come back to Pakistan. From the airport he turns left on Shahra-e-Faisal going towards Landhi/Saudabad and arrive at Bait-ul-Hamza (MQM Haqiqi's fortress). The folks there will do the rest with him.</div>

  • Zardari and N. Sharif have made similar statements, it is a requisite for the kind of status these guys enjoy.

  • i think that guardian report made altaf uncomfortable, but i don't think UK would give up this precious asset so easily.

  • yes , it was just the episode no3 after Azeem Tariq and Khalid Bin walid episodes .

  • International power were saving him earlier,now like his friend Musharaf he is of no use.
    Yehi zindagi aik servant ki hoti.
    tissue paper ki tara use hota hai aur phir dustbin mai jata hai

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