Pakistan movement and shah wali ullah theory

  • shah wali ullah and mujadidi alif sani were of the opinion that due to increase in muslim community, there should be  a muslim state in which muslim should live and practice their religion. they underlined few laws and principles under which this state should be constructed, one of the most important of these principles was that state should be dependent state, i.e muslim india within india. Allama iqbal was also of the same opinion , for reference u can read "khatute iqbal" and read those letters which iqbal wrote to Raghib ahsan. but later on, muslim league narrated that iqbal was in favour of seperate independant homeland for muslims which was condemed by iqbal in his own letters to Raghab ahsan. ibqal narated that independent state is not my theory, its oxford scheme.

  • shah wali ullah was a great scholar,

    Shah Wali Ullah also made efforts for the political uplift of Muslims of India. He wrote to Ahmad Shah Abdali to help the Muslims of India in crushing the Marhattas, who were a constant threat to the crumbling Mughal Empire. In 1761, Ahmad Shah Abdali, in response to Shah Wali Ullah's call, inflicted a crushing defeat on the Marhattas at Panipat. Shah Wali Ullah was responsible for awakening in the community the desire to regain its moral fervor and maintain its purity. He was laid to rest in 1762. His sons and followers ably continued his work and noble mission.

  • shah wali ullah died in 17th century and his followers continued his noble mission of political stabiltiy of the country , few names of his followers were shah abdul aziz, shah ishaq, shah rafi ud deen, shah ismail shaheed, shah saeed ahmed shaheed, imdad ullah mahajir maki, qasim nanotavi, rasheed ahmed gangoi,mehmood ul hassan, ubaid ullah sindhi, hussain ahmed madni, ata ullah shah bukhari, shah abdul qadir rai puri, shah abdur raheem rai puri, shah saeed ahmed rai puri etc

  • also moulana abul kalam azad was an important follower of hazrat shah wali ullah philosophy who explained muslim league that the way u peaple are constructing the muslim state is not correct, he was of the opinion that we first let the british out of our country and then solve all the internel issues  with political coloboration.

  • The final will of this humble servant of Allah is that always hold

    tightly to the Qura’an and Sunnath in your beliefs and acts. Regularly

    evaluate yourself against them. Read them regularly and if you can’t,

    then find someone who can and listen to at least a couple of pages


    Quran and sunna is only thing which can bring back out glorious days

  • thats true that quran and sunnah will bring back the glorious days but how? we have to study those people like shah wali ullah who explained islam in the light of modern issues of humanity, we have to understand things on rational basis rather than emotional attitude. we have to learn poltical concepts of islam so that we could get aware of the consipiracies which our enemies do against us.

  • Makhdom Shah Ïnayatullah . 1613 – c. 1701), popularly known as Miyun Sufi Shah Inayat, Sometimes referred to as the 'First Socialist Sufi of Sindh<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-0>
    He fought and Mytered by Mughals, he was murshid of Bule shah.

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