Taliban Demanded Dr Afia in Exchange for British Women.

  • After waiting and disclosing the Pakistani Govts abilities against Americans Taliban are now in action and efforts are seems to underway to free Dr Afia.British and US govts are in contact for the situation emerging after capturing British women.British govt is analysing the situation for possibilities of freeing Dr Afia.These new efforts may prove fruitfull in freeing Dr Afia..

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    A few days ago, I was thinking, Iran should 'trade' sister Afia for one of the Americans, Iran had apprehended because they were found active in illegal activities in their land.

    US has been pressurizing Iran to 'free' their citizens. Muslims can do the same.

    I 'vividly' remember the recent 'Larry King Live' interview of President of Iran. I'v posted it on the thread: Programs in Western Mass Media of Interest to Muslims

    In the first segment of the interview, Mr. Larry King 'grilled' Iran's president for a full ten minutes on this issue.

    Why don't Muslims think on these lines ?

    Why do only non-Muslims think on these lines ?