Which treatment is better, Herbel or ALopathic

  • ALopathic treats human diseases on modern ways but its medicines have more side effects. however herbel medicines have less side effects. even in european countries, india , china and iran etc doing research on herbs so that treatment are made herbel oriented and reduce the side effects of human body

  • Both have equal importance,about 80 % of all alopathic drugs have plant origen, synthetic drugs are different one, they have many side effects,
    Herbal drugs are comparativly cheaper in thirdworld, in our remote villages of Pakistan older and wise people still prescribe herbal drugs for for minor health problems like fever, cough, pain, inflammation, indigestion and other stomach problems

  • Traditional Medicine is getting popular day by day. Chinese Traditional Medicine is more popular than ayurveda (knowledge of Life). In Pakistan Tibb Unani and Tibb Arabi is popular because tinctures  especially and much of the animal matter is not used due to religious restrains and are substituted with herbal equivalents. It is a false belief that Traditional Medicine is without side effects. In fact much of the herbs and minerals used are quite potent and are advised to be used with caution (through professionals not quacks) as misuse may prove fatal.

  • Dr. sabir is dead since 1972. he was our scientist and what i did was to try to bring into notice of his contributions to medical science to those people who are not aware of it.

  • imran

    Am i right or Wrong

    Simple organs theory" was researched by a well-known Hakim, medical scientist of 1950's Dr Dost Muhammad Sabir Multani known as the name of Hakim-e-Inqlab in medical world.
    He presented "SOT" in his monthly magazine "Registration Front" .Later he published it in his books with challenge, these are the milestone for a new revolution in medical history.
    He proposed this theory after a work of many years, which is based on the basic elements of the universe (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) and linking up them to the basic type of tissues of the human body (Muscular, Epithelial, Nervous and connective Tissues). Simple organ theory gives a unique idea about the underlying causes of any disease and its treatment.

    This theory is based on the facts that:
    "The universe is composed of four elements like Air, Fire, Water and earth. He correlates these elements with human anatomy, herbs and foods. He also made specific principles to advise the specific food charts which help in enhancing the efficacy of herbs".


  • yes u are absolutely right

  • It depends on the ailment but generally speaking the alopathic medicine is more wide spread in the world and is based on research. You shall not find cures for many disease in herbal medicines, the same goes with complicated surgeries.

  • Here we go again! This mickey mouse " herbal" medicine and this not "new but old Greek" medical " science " of Fire, Water, Air and Earth approach to treating diseases is to put it mildly just BUNKUM. This might have been good  alternative medicine in 500 B.C. when the other alternative was bleeding, catharsis and purgation and witchcraft. I wonder how they treat infections caused by Clostridium Preferingens or Clostridium Tetanii or Pseudomonas Aeruginosa?How would they treat a patient with type-1 Diabetes and pray tell me how this Earth, water, Fire and Air explain the reasons why someone gets Type-1 Diabetes.And how would herbs or Chinese medicine work on surgical problems such as appendicitis, or a broken hip or jaw or a blood clot in the skull ?The Hakims can only treat the symptoms of the most cursory ailments and even in those they cheat by mixing the " modren" medicines into their potions and mixtures. It is disingenuous  and frankly danegrous to promote a system of medicine which has been long dead and bring it to life just because it originated and is still practiced in our land. Modern medicine is here because it the real stuff.
    Are we chimpanzees with no  memory of what the human beings have gone through in the last 2000 years of medical treatment ?
    Let us be honest and forget this bunk