Deception and Duplicity!

  • <FONT face="Times New Roman">In the Islamic world today there appears to be a sizeable vocal minority which has been clamoring for the re-enactment of  a system of governance labelled as the Khilafet.
    Is this a creation of the imagination of super fertile minds ?

    The Blogs, the web sites and newspapers and magazines are full of articles written with aim to propose Khilafate as the perfect solution to all of the problems and ills that the Muslims of various nation states are facing.
     An organisation called Hizbe Tehreer is supposed to be in the froe front of this new group.
    When you look at the  proposals-they have one thing in common.
    The details are  absent.
    Instead we are asked to  believe and everything will be just great as it was for the past. If you ask which past- better do not ask.
    There is nothing about  the administrative, logistical, political , ethnic and economic issues that are there for everyone to deal with.
    No questions are allowed as legitimacy is automatic and everyone is expected to fall in line .
    If anyone does quetion- he or she is subjected to vitriol of the most severe nature -
    ( How dare you question what is put in place by God and the Prophet.

    Justification and legitimacy by polemics is the order of the day!

    We are told that the Muslims in the days gone by were all heroes and no villains and all the Islamic armies consisted of only brave men and no cowards and no traitors.
    What has drive these otherwise sane people of the educated classes to this self inflicted " frenzy of Insanity" without any thought about the substnative issues of hunger , poverty , ehtnic and gender discrimination, population explosion and so on.?

    One has to have a very cynical view of the present day Muslims otherwise how do you explain this New frivolous state of mind which stops them from thinking about the real solutions to the problems of the Muslims inhabiting  various Muslim Nation States of this 21st Century.

    Is Khilafate some in some magical way will suddenly create a Shangri La ?

    Or is this the usual political duplicity by deception like the one practiced by the MMA in Pakistan during the days of the Mushrraf regime ?</FONT>

  • Shimatoree, me again as usual, who else? You've written a balanced piece and it should lead to some kind of balanced discussion. But on past performance I can't really guarantee that.

    Now first things first. I'm glad you brought in that bit about neocolonialism. It's the great absent from many of our dissussions. The concept of a khiIafat does seem utopic at the moment. The idea of Muslim unity, however, has nothing to do with utopia and everything to do with survival. It should begin after the departure of west forces from Afghanistan and the revival of Pakistan under whatever government it has manged to scrape up. And so much the better if it's a revolutionary one. But there again, nothing certain yet. And it would take the form of a trade union between four countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. One takes it from there, the.

    Looking to the Islamic past is to draw strength from it. Any effort at blind imitation might lead us straight to a dead end. We don't trust one another within the confines of the same country or culture. It will take decades and decades for Muslims round the globe to achieve some kind of confidence in their fellow Muslims from other parts of the world.

  • @st

    you're wasting your time on this one... they're blind beyond belief on the baa baa blaaaaack sheeeep type khilafat mantra...

  • shimatoree,

    Avoid excessive formatting, I would need to take that to the NSA for decoding before I could peruse.

  • i can sense frustration and urge of solution in above writing, frustration because not having clarity on alternative, but urge for solution to solve people's issue.


    <div>author acknowledges existence of a form of governance that existed, that delivered wonders but he thinks it was only a personal charisma and when personality was no more the governance model fell apart.</div>

    <div>to me that governance model existed till twentieth century, may be in weak form, may be with a lot of issues, but still strong enough to threaten super powers of her time</div>

    <div>why is it imaginary to believe muslims taking control of their affairs and resolve disputes/issues through the guidance of qur'an/sunnah? or is it that muslims have stopped believing in islam and they are all hypocrits or most of them?  that means muslims are muslims no more, hence they should start believing in something else?</div>


    <div>sorry to address the author's thinking, but since subject here is author's perception and not some model or solution. </div>

  • Hello gv, Does a plea for Utopia really amount to deception and duplicity? Wouldn't daydreaming be the better word for it?

  • @mg what's deceptive is to portray the post Khilafat ul Rashidun period as some utopian era when infact it was merely a series of monarchies and empires as we have seen elsewhere in the world throughout history.  Some good some bad some mediocre some excellent.. but all heavily dependent on the personality, character and whim of an absolute ruler  (and his adminstration) .

    @salam salam sahib.... "intehaaaaaa ho gaeeeee intezar kiiiiii"

  • gv,

    <div>to me it is a simple matter, muslims taking control of their affairs and decide matter based on what they believe in... is this so hard to imagine?</div>

  • @salam

    nahi bhai - i mean im still waiting for your response on the capitalist theory conversation we were having.

  • gv sahib

    <div>sorry, i missed that, i had to go back and revisit the thread to understand your above post.</div>

    <div>What is capitalist theory or model? All that basic 101 stuff that unlimited wants, scarce resources, supply & demand curve, etc</div>

    <div>Secularism is the basic creed from which emanates capitalist economic system and democratic political system.  since economic system is dominant module hence it is referred as capitalism... whole package.</div>

    <div>Islam has its own way of viewing the basic problem and then addressing it.</div>

    <div>View points, application and details are important. </div>

  • gv

    you're wasting your time on this one... they're blind beyond belief on the baa baa blaaaaack sheeeep type khilafat mantra.

    Can u please tell how do u save ur time by following the concept of sufism, which were discover by AL Tabari

  • I am trying hard to make intelligent and thoughtful people look and analyse the problems of the past.
    I am hoping that an objective point of view can be established in discussing out history- that does not mean that each and everyone should agree with whatever but a thorough evaluation of the problems of the past WILL prepare us for the future.

    If we refuse to see the past as it was and instead indulge in re-writing of history to suite our own point of view- then I feel not much can be achieved for the future.

  • gv, thanks for explanation.

    As long as we away from the Sahaba, I expect our Islamic past is not out of bounds to informed discussion.  So let the experts begin. We'll see if we can contribute something after that.

  • .


    Khilafat is a very important concept in Islam. It has important implications in the political system of Islam. Many important groups have made it a part of their programme to establish Khilafat.  It is therefore necessary to be clear about the concept of   Khilafat has three important dimensions. In the moral and spiritual sense, Khilafat means that all human beings are 'Khalifa of Allah' or representatives of Allah on earth. This is the purport of the verse "Surely, we are going to place our representatives (Khalifa) on earth" [verse 30 : Sura Baqara].  All human beings are khalifa of Allah though many of them commit sins and do not act like khalifa. (Ref. : Quran - 6:165;   27:62 and 35:39). This is the spiritual khilafat in Islam. Khilafat also means the political system of Islam. This is the most mentioned dimension of Khilafat. Khilafat,  as a system of politics and management of state was established by the companions of Prophet (SM). The main points of khilafat or political system of Islam are as follows :

    Sovereignty of Allah which means supremacy of Shariah (Quran and Sunnah). The basic law of the state shall be based on the Quran and the Sunnah. The detailed subsidiary law is obtained by  Ijtihad carried out by individual or groups of scholars or made by the Parliament in the present day world with the aid of the Ulama or scholars of Islam.

    Government established by the free choice of the people. This is the majority view. In the present world, this means government elected by the people. There is agreement on this among the Ulama of Islam. There is hardly any major difference. This is the system accepted in the Islamic constitutions in force in the Muslim world.

    Fundamental rights : All citizens should have human rights irrespective of gender or creed. The Islamic Constitutions of the world have a chapter on the Fundamental rights or Rights of the people which are available to all the citizens in the state. These rights have been agreed to or confirmed by Ulama after long debates in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

    Rule of Law and Independence of Judiciary are important points of Islamic political system. 
    Shura or consultation with the people and among the persons in the Government through various forum including Parliament is an important element in Islamic political theory. This is the basis of democracy in Islam.Large number of scholars feel that the term democracy can be used in Islamic framework. (Ref. : Preamble of Islamic constitution of Pakistan which says that the state shall strive to observe "democracy as enunciated by Islam". Ulama accepted this phrase. ) These are the various elements of Islamic political system which go to make Khilafat (Ref. : Khilafat and Mulukiat by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi). The third dimension of Khilafat is that it means the form of Government in Islam. The Ulama have now agreed by and large that in the framework of overall Islamic political theory, both Presidential and Parliamentary Governments of to-day are consistent with Islam (Ref. : Islamic Constitution of Iran and Pakistan, Islamic Law and Constitution by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi, ).

    In conclusion, we can say that Khilafat does not only mean that the President should be called Khalifa, it is much more than that. It is in essence the political system of Islam.

  • analysis of past mistakes is good step and it should not be assumed that others haven't done their analysis of mistakes as well.

    <div>fact is muslims are in state of decline and this decline is due to many reasons, but that is another debate -causes of decline-</div>

    <div>today people don't say democracy is bad because Bush made a mistake by invading Iraq under false pretext, they say Bush was bad, but in Muslim history if a ruler was bad, they prove Islam is bad.</div>

    <div>another fact is that today we have muslims, believing muslims who are not all corrupt or hypocrit (if they all were then no hope for any solution be it secular or islamic), there are good people, many good people like we have here, sincere and honest people who want to do something, so there is hope in this nation (muslim ummah).</div>

  • I should like to return to an earlier point I made: The ideal of Muslim unity re-established in present times is a question neither of deceit, nor of duplicity. At worst, we can brand  it an excess of daydreaming or wishful thinking.

    The thing about Islamic history, about which I have only the most superficial knowledge,  was that, good or bad as a reigning system, it was a success story. Salam Sahib pointed out elsewhere that right to the very end, the fading Ottoman empire was a power to be reckoned with. Then, with each Muslim country going its own way, we became a collection of client-nations in thrall to the west. A major venture into decadence and slavery. That must now be put an end to.

    Even as political Islam receded into the past, religious Islam began striding through the world, chalking up immense gains. How is it that we keep forgetting that? With the utmost casualness, we took over where the Christians left off and became the number one religion in the world, that with the largest amount of adherents. Africa has been a battleground for the two religions and even there Islam is winning hands down. Only yesterday I was reading that even in predominantly Christian Rwanda, more and more people were turning to Islam and conversions were coming in at a surprisingly high rate. My own conclusion: where religious Islam can thrive, can political Islam be far behind?

    The only matter that remains to be settled is the form of that political resurgence, the Ummah as I see it in the form of a union between various free-standing Muslim nations as the preliminary step or the Khilafat right from the word go as some others believe. One or the other is a given as the century proceeds.

  • And specially for Shimatoree:

    "Some great men make history, and history makes some men great’.

    In some form or the other, our great men or women will arise when history beckons.

  • <H3 style="MARGIN: 1em 0in"><FONT size=4><span><FONT face="Times New Roman">For those who really want to know;

    </FONT></span><span><FONT color=#0068cf>Adam Smith's praise of the Caliphate</FONT><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p></span></FONT>

    <span>Adam Smith, the 18th Century founder of modern economics whose picture is printed on the current <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">UK</st1:place></st1:country-region> £20 note, was exceedingly inspired by the Islamic method of governing. He proclaimed</span> <span>that</span><span>:</span>

    <span>"...</span><span>the empire of the Caliphs seems to have been the first state under which the world enjoyed that degree of tranquility which the cultivation of the sciences requires. It was under the protection of those generous and magnificent princes, that the ancient philosophy and astronomy of the Greeks were restored and established in the East; that tranquility, which their mild, just and religious government diffused over their vast empire, revived the curiosity of mankind, to inquire into the connecting principles of nature</span><span>."</span> <span>*</span>

    • Adam Smith, ‘History of Astronomy’, the Essays of Adam Smith (<st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">London</st1:City></st1:place>, 1869), p. 35

  • Thanks for that, Revivalist. Did the heart good.