Altaf Hussain Taliban Bamusharaf

  • Just watched speech by Altaf Hussain about Dr. Afia. The Speech looks like written by Mullah Umar. What Happened to him? He converted to Taliban?

    <div>Is He fearing for Imran Farooq murder indictment?</div>

  • u have greatest level of patience that u heard this joker's telephonic jokes,what happened to u brother :):)

  • Altaf Hussain is in serious trouble now and he knows it clearly.
    I have listened Imran Khan saying many times that a person(he too was quite famous,I forgot his name) had murdered 40 persons but they could not be proven.And later on he was caught in a corruption case and admitted all the murders commited by him.Imran was equating that person with Altaf.The same is about to happen with him.He successfully saved himself from hundereds of murder but now he will be very soon caught for Imran Farouque's murder.

    Altaf Hussain after seeing that things have started turning against him is now in a desperate try to become anti Zardari and America for getting public on his side.But Mr Hussain is in serious trouble this time.

  • Just wanted to watch some comedy. as usual Altaf speech make me smiling  :)

  • Google just smiling, man u should be LAUGH OUT LOUD  :):)


    What else u wana add for this stooge

  • Like i have said in past,MQM's rally goers are bewitched,just like Qawali singers and transvestite who clap on every traffic signal,they'll clap after every nonsensical utterance made by that coward British absconder in his

    typical demonic voice.They are herded to and from their homes by notorious criminal unit

    terrorists who like Hitler's Nazi Germany's SS keep an eye on all the

    attendant and make them clap and raise slogans or silence them.

    They simply have no interest in Afia Siddique or her plight,MQMized unit terrorist herded them to the venue and gave them placards so they have no option but to hold them.

    Notorious terrorists,thugs and minders watch every movement of crowd .

  • Eversince Altaf has been linked to Dr Imran Farooq's murder,he has been getting panicky and giving hypocritical,self-contradictory statements. He says diplomatic ties with US and NATO and Brits should be immediately cut off.Hardly hours after this statement US Ambassador visits ninezero as her term is ending,all the local MQMized thugs plead that she should give assurance of safety of absconding gangster Altaf Hussain.

    If Altaf all of a sudden have become so much anti west,anti US,anti British then why not first surrender his British passport and take a flight home and then from here spew venom against them?

  • I dont think he talked bad about Britts... until Birtish media and murder of Dr Imran Farooq cool down,   Altaf bhai gona play same record...
    "Go America Go" or something similar.
     there are two major advantage
    1:  Painting MQM as Anti American movement,  to get MMA type popularity

    2: Keeping media hostage for some time....

    We used very simlar tactics  against  Takbeer Magzine back in 1990-91.   When Takbeer printed storied about MQM Haqqiqi,   MQM started " Namos-e- Risalat" movement against Takbeer and Salaudin for having opinion about  12 rabi awal.

    Let hope this time Birtish police get to the bottom of IF'smurder.

  • salaam, everyone!

    <div>i've come to this discussion forum after a long time, and the reason is mr. altaf's speech today.  well, i was just reading what was being displayed on the ticker, and there was a statement that had a title of 'qoum ki beti' for dr. afia.  to my knowledge, this translates into dukhtar-e-millat - correct me if i'm wrong.  i couldn't help but recall the criticism by mqm floks on this forum, directed towards dr. afia.  this one guy had tens of posts asking why JI calls afia dukhtar-e-millat (btw, i have no affiliation with JI).  i just came here to see what these guys were saying now, on altaf bhaii's speech... but to my disappointment, i don't find any comments from them! :(</div>

    <div>btw, my own analysis is that the reason for this u-turn by mr. altaf is to gain some public support to counter the mounting pressure from the brits/scotland yard.  after all, he didn't do much during the 7-year period when afia was missing.</div>

  • Speculations speculations and only speculations....What I think is today's Altaf's speech has already stolen the spotlight from those so called anti American group like Imran Khan and JI who were using Dr. Afia for getting some POLITICAL MILAGE so its totally understandable that their would be some CONSPIRACY THEORIST trying to create some relevence between Imran Farooq and Dr. Afia's stand of MQM but as far as I know that two days ago Farooq Sattar went to her house and she and her mother might have asked the same question which are in the minds of many people in Pakistan that MQM has not given their voice for Dr. Afia so I think this might be one of the reason that MQM might have arranged this rally to gave their voice that they are also abset from the decision of US court so dont make things out of nowhere and try to look things straight some times as well....

  • Dr Afia's sister clearly said that MQM's current stance is a new one and had MQM previously had the same stance then it might have help secure her release..

  • @gazi23

    <div>try to look things straight = take things at face value = naivety</div>

    <div>so what you're saying is that altaf hussain and mqm are now being hypocritical on the afia issue?  they dont actually believe in pursuing afia's case, but they're doing it because ppl wanna hear this from their leaders, right?  such hypocrisy!!!</div>

    <div>bro, i tell you, there's no way that you can explain/justify this u-turn!</div>

  • Their summersault isn't surprising at all,MQM basically is a criminal gang made up of bunch of selfish,greedy,power hungry opportunist who would keep on  taking U turns and keep fooling the ignorant public that they claim to represent .

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    <div><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#555555" face="Verdana, 'BitStream vera Sans', Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3"><span class="Apple-style-span">Who says that people wants to hear same kind of EMPTY words from MQM just like JI and Imran Khan who used her case to get some Political success????MQM is showing ITS ANGER on the sentance just like all others in Pakistan and I dont think their is any problem for anyone in that....Talking about being Anti USA then If you think that MQM being most outspoken against Taliban and that Lal Masjid Mullah as PRO USA then you are mistaken as they had their own reasons to Anti Taliban as they are largely Liberal and secular party so this reflect their mindset to be against Taliban at the same time they are also critical of 1980s Afghan Jihad Policies just like others.....</span></font></div>


  • its not just mere words, THERE IS A JALSA by MQM coordinated in Karachi for Aafia's case as well. damn you MQM haters need to get a life. too many conspiracy theory lovers here :)

    and there is no u-turn, MQM believes that 86 years is too much if she never killed anyone... which is a fact, end of story.

  • woow you guys should have seen the rally protest at MA JINNAH road by MQM. It was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeee!!!! I dont think any other party/group could have done that.

    i never knew bhattakhors, murderers as alleged by you all would have such staunch support in the heart of the city..... smell the coffee.

  • remember Altaf Hussain speaking against US role of giving support to feudal leaders in Pakistan quite openly....

    Now, Hillary "warns Pakistan to make rich pay up"

    the feudal lords need to pay up!

  • yaar this Hillary even want rich of American to pay more while a huge number of Americans like to live on food stamps and financial aids from government.

    Americans must stop paying to other countries for their mess. Its not American fault if Pakistan dont utilize their own resources in right way and elect choors like zardaries.