Do Pakistanis have any other options?

  • The whole of nation is running out of patience about the endless national problems. The participants of this forum have expressed their views on revolution, evolution and democratic processes as the ultimate solutions to the problems of the nation. None of the processes has yet been agreed as workable in the opinions of most of the participants. Let us discuss if we have any other options.

  • The options are many but we have already chosen the easiest one, a national disintegration, committing suicide, don't you agree?

  • Hussain Farooqi,

    The democracy made people sick, Look they are working for money, Look in the offices 8 hours 10 hours in week. Man it's just madness.
     I know a man who break his salath  because he was waiting a call from his boss. There are so many cases like this.  We need a system

    تو   نے کيا ديکھا نہيں مغرب کا جمہوري نظام
    چہرہ روشن، اندروں چنگيز سے تاريک تر

  • yes , we have not reached to the point ,where we get short of options .
    we have options .
    option 1 ; Reject  so called leaders of PPP,PMLN,PMLQ,MQM ,ANP ,JUI ,JUP ,BNP ,JI .
    option 2. Oppose your own leader , if he is not doing  right for the country ...stop blind following
    option 3. Change your criteria for a leader .
    option 4. Stop thinking that you as indivisual cant do anything to change the scheme of things
    write articles , blogs , letters to the editor and tell the world
    we dont want these leaders who has made us failed .

  • Beenai Good opitions expressed by you. Please think about more and then express.

  • Beenai is always good as it makes you see the things as they are but our nation has lost it and that's the reason we fumble in dark and tumble on each hurdle that comes our way.
    The best solution is to get a pair of new eyes, individually and nationally.

  • Like always plan C is on the table.
    Plan C is the default do nothing option.

  • i think the awaam is at fault the most,
    we as human beings need to look at ourselves rather than blame the system.

    Until we wont have guts to stop someone from doing wrong, how can we believe in change?

    I mean, we will break the lines ourselves,
    we will break the signals ourselves,
    we will give rishwat ourselves,
    then we'll watch grave mutilations in front of our eyes in public (sialkot ect.)

    we=awaam, need to fix our own character first and then there will be a spill over effect.

    in the day to day dealings, awaam has become quite and has accepted defeat... the day they stand up for the right against wrong in day to day dealings, change will come fast. we've just lost morals!

  • we can disagree on who to give vote to,but atleast we can live in a mohol of respect,that mohol of respect does not exist anymore.many of us want to chop our opponents head off for even little disagreement. I think expecting some huge revolution is stupid when we awaam cant even create a minor change ourselves.

    i mean, think about it,

    we do everything to make our house and drawing room beautiful, we dont give a damn about how messed up everything outside is and do not have feeling of ownership it. we gotta get that feeling of ownership, Mustafa Kamal Bhai talks about it a lot.

  • @quaidkamazaar

    fully agree with you bro... take ownership of ur country city mohla

  • We need a Big Time Change


    <div> , We have to put down all these corrupt and failed parties who from time to time are responsible for this position of Pakistan</div>

    <div> ...They all had been like Termites who ate there own home ...</div>


    <div>We cant have a revolutionary change we don't have a leader to lead this change </div>

    <div>....Who is going to lead it Nawaz Sharif or Ch Shujat .....They all are the same they all have there own tactics of fooling around with people....Changing  faces will bring no change in the system ...They all had been put to test ...</div>

    <div> ......We have to bring a change within ourself ......We have to reject these people when they come to ask for votes ...</div>



    <div>We have to emphasize more & more towards education in our society so that we  are brave enough not to pick rubbish people for leadership ...</div>

    <div>Allah <span class="Apple-style-span">Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala nay Farmaya hay :"</span><span class="Apple-style-span">jaisi quam hoti hai uss per waise hukmaran musalat ker dia jata hai"</span></div>

    <div><span class="Apple-style-span">

    <div><font class="Apple-style-span" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3"><span class="Apple-style-span">We Should pray to God Almighty That as a Nation We Follow the Right Path and then automatically we will have the right people leading us ..</span></font></div>

  • ch khurram

    I agree with your point 'Allah <span class="Apple-style-span">Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala nay Farmaya hay :"</span><span class="Apple-style-span">jaisi quam hoti hai uss per waise hukmaran musalat ker dia jata hai". Let us start the reform works individually and pray to Allah for betterment.

    <div><span class="Apple-style-span">

  • Instead of discussing new options, we should focus on

    how to make the current democratic setup more adaptive to our needs. Remember,

    a system is never bad; it’s the people who run the system which make it look

    bad. We all must contribute towards the improvement and constant evolvement of

    our society on more tolerant lines.

  • i think a huge problem is the brain drain, a whole educated majority of Pakistan lives outside Pakistan or is trying to escape Pakistan for $$$. these are the real people who can bring about a change. A thailey waala or Rickshaw driver cant do much cuz he is so busy. The real educated class of Pakistan is actually outside Pakistan and Pakistan right now is left with poverty struck machines who work day and night and cant think. so its a catch22 wat say?

    The only people who can bring a viable change and set a trend are the middle class of Pakistan... the minority but they are able to bring change.

    vast majority of poverty struck people who cant read and right can follow our leadership in supporting right from wrong.

    the problem comes when the middle class educated behave like uneducated and dont support what is right, the less educated follow.

  • my point being, middle class has to take the intitiative,
    if there will ever be a change for the better in Pakistan,
    it will come from middle class which is us.
    people, who can afford internet laptop and to pay our bills and have freetime on our hands.
    We will make the change when we set trends out on the road... trends that will change the dynamics of Pakistan.

  • @Hussain Farooqui ,

    thanks for your appreciation for my post .

    i was just trying to jot it down , what we can do in our capacity of young generation .

    which is the Future vote bank of future political Govt .

    i strongly believe , we can bring Change .

    by rejecting those , who has been getting votes out of our parents and grand parents .

    @Barak Obama ,

    well , Do nothing is the option , we all are working on , for the past 25 years or so ....

    so why not try some other options this time around ....

  • Beenai

    We should not lose hope as our beloved country was created as a result of the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of people. We definitely have to be optimistic. It is just a matter of finding ways to bring drastic changes in our society.

  • @Hussain Farooqui ,

    exactly , what i wanna to say .

    we should not get hopeless about the country .

    we should register that our politicians , bureaucrats , Army Generals , industrialists are hopeless .

    but not our country is .

  • The liberals and right-wingers have been arguing for decades and while there is no such thing as the ultimate truth, however the liberals do present more rational arguments. Pakistan is entangled in a battle for its survival and we need to end the denial phase the world does not conspire against us! We need to identify the problems behind this religious insurgency and then work on it

  • ammarisb

    Your words 'We need to identify the problems behind this religious insurgency and then work on it' are meaningful. We are service providers for the USA against the payments of petty amounts. Our remuneration for our services are very unpropitious to our services. The deficits are evident in form of terrorism in the name of religion. Although, Islam and terrorism are two opposite terms. It is just like saying a 'Hindu Beef Shop'.