MQM chief may shift to Dubai

  • Will he be safe there from international establishment?

  • 1- Revolution

    2 - Dr. Imran Farooq

    3 - International establishment

    4 - Afia Qom ki baiti

    5 - Dubai Chalo

    6 - ....... we're waiting!

  • @Raavi ,

    next will be Altaf joined Pir Pagara Muslim league ....

  • Ya as already indicated by Pir sahib of Pagara.

  • nice... he will be closer to Pakistan. a lot closer :)

    but i will not belive this news... I am very hesitant in believing news these days.

  • he will be closer to Pakistan .

    any one can go and meet his great Quaid .

    any one can go and kill his great Quaid .

  • is he running away from the likely murder charges....for the murder few weeks ago????

    is there a treaty for exchange of crminials between UK and Dubai?? (if one escapes)

  • conspiracy theorists galore^ :)

    wait till some real murder charge comes up first before being so sure my dear. its not a good thing to speak so soon.

  • Reminds me of Hamas leader who was gunned down by Israeli agents in Dubai. It'll be easier to eliminate that coward absconder mafia cheif heading criminal gang MQM, who has killed thousands of innocent Karachiites.

  • Anyways facist criminal gang MQM have already clarified that Altaf isn't running away and won't be shifting to Dubai(maybe like i said they have got hamas leader's killing in mind).

  • you know I think pakistan is the safest place for him.May be you are not agree with me but you know we have a lot of criminals, real criminals, even in our govt setup but no one dares to touch them.He should come to pakistan imediatly.The only problem will be his own party as the fuss in the air that no one but some of his own pary members are against him and want to eliminate him.Otherwise I've seen the area where NiZero(MQM headquarter)is situated and its heavely guarded.

  • MQM plans to move secretariat to Dubai MQM plans to move secretariat to Dubai

    They might be simply setting up a regional secretariat . As they must be aware that NineZero MQM's criminal Headquater must be under constant watch and all communication lines bugged by intelligence agencies.

  • no, they are ONLY moving the headquarter from london to Dubai...

    this is because of the visa problem, MQM workers have not been getting visas easily to go to UK due to strict UK immigration policies in the past.

    plus logistical reasons.

    Nine-Zero will remain, its not going anywhere.

  • I still of the view he should come to pakistan.This will help MQM to grow with more pace in rest pakistan.He has to leave this "Larger then Life" image for the sake of his own paty

  • he wont do it ever .

    he wanna die in London .

    its his last wish .

  • Plus all their notorious unit and sector terrorists and death squad hit mans who are directly answerable to Altaf & Saleem Shahzad MQM's terror wing chief were having problems getting visas..

  • @Beenai

    •he wont do it ever .

    he wanna die in London .

    its his last wish .

    you wrote his incomplete wish

    Complete wish is "Want to die in London and burried next to Lady Diana"

  • Altaf Hussain coming to Pakistan would definitely help his party grow a lot no doubt... thats true. but Im not sure if he will live... agencies would be after him probably to this day. afterall, Benazir died, so many politicians die, if MQM high-ups feel its not safe, then i guess their call should be respected considering what all happens in Pakistan.

    you guys have to understand how important Altaf Hussain is to the MQM as a whole, he is seen as the initiator of the movement and they want to keep him alive as long as possible. MQM high-ups have extreme EXTREME amounts of respect for Altaf Hussain, its hard to make them bring Altaf home.

    but referring to Altaf's own interview, he said he will come to Pakistan and he misses Pakistan a looot

  • @Ajhons ,

    u forgot ...Lady Diana 's last wish .

    she does not wanna get buried next to the person who is a criminal ...she was a queen of hearts ...she just did not want to be buried next to a killer ....

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