19 years for blogging

  • Derakhshan was convicted on charges of cooperation with hostile

    countries — a reference to the Israel visit — spreading propaganda

    against the ruling establishment, promotion of counterrevolutionary

    groups and insulting Islamic thought and religious figures.

    Interestingly , after his visit to Israel as a 'Canadian' citizen , wanting to be a 'bridge' between Iran and Israel , Derekhsan became a vocal supporter of Ahmedinijad.


  • It's very difficult for zionists to accept an independant and defiant Iran. They do everything to destablise this government and use ex Iranians for this purpose. Luckily Iranians are more conscious of these sinister attempts and try to safeguard themselves.

  • TL, I'm really getting to like the clear-eyed way in which you have dealt with most matters so far.

    I wholly second what you say above. the Shahdoost and then the next generation of opportunistic Iranians who fled to the west (Pakistanis ditto) are very much against the Islamic Republic of Iran and some of the top people among the opportunists are directly Zionist agents.

    Whether Derekshan was one of them, I can't tell. But from what I have come to know of Iranians, I don't doubt his sentence without much fanfare will be reduced over time. The example set, the warning given, mercy will be applied.

  • woaho  TL!

    This blogger was pro-Ahmedinijad.

  • And I see a lot of people on this forum who are very anti-army , anti-govt and at times talk seditiously. What about them? Would you want such elements to be dealt like Derakhshan? Why so much obsession with Iran?

  • Natasha,

    We live in a very compicated world, it's irrelevent who says what publicly as long as the hidden agenda is clear in one's head. I'm not accusing this individual of anything, neither I'm trying to deny the truth that injustice is absent from this world. All I did try to convey is the fact that the subversive activities do occur in present Iran and for that reason we should be careful not to judge the Iranian state of being wicked.

    As to your other question I would like to say that there is no contradiction in defending such harsh sentences and criticism of military leadership of Pakistan.
    Pakistan is our country and we have the right to question the motives of all those who are entrusted with the task of quarding our nation against internal and external enemies. We make great sacrifices by maintaining these huges armed forces and therefore consider them not above criticism. They are servants of Pakistan and therefore must safeguard her instead of bowing to foreign powers.
    There is a difference between showing one's anger and despair and treason, hope you know the differnce.

  • Natasha, Unfair. No one is obsessed with Iran. If anything, we are obsessed with our own country. But why so much anti-Iran propaganda on this blog? That, too, makes no sense. Iran is a Muslim country, our neighbour, our friend. And certainly constantly under pressure from the West on this or that pretext. Have we bloggers ever treated Saudi Arabia in the manner in which we treat Iran? I've still to see it.

    Believe me, Derakshan, specially if he is pro-Ahmedinejad, will find his sentence reduced by an appeals court or by some other method. Iranians, unlike Pakistanis, treat their nationals like a valuable commodity. No one will go to waste in the Islamic Republic.

  • Ghalib,

    That's how I see it. I don't see you two outrightly 'condemning' something so 'stupid' on part of the Iranian judiciary.

  • @ Natasha,
    Why should I condemn anything, when I don't have the details and facts?
    You claim the man to be pro Ahmedinejad, isn't it great that the Iranian judiciary functions regardless of affliations, could you expect the same thing happening in Pakistan, where some friend or even supporter of Zardari can get nineteen years imprisonment?
    Sorry Natasha, I won't buy the propoganda that Iran is some Evil state, on the contrary they are the only democratic country in the entire region.

  • Natasha, I hate to say this, I'd have loved to side with you, but I must admit I second what TL says down to his last paragraph.

  • TL,

    I never talked about the overall image of Iran being some monstrous state. It was just a stupid thing I shared here. 19 years for expressing yourself on a blog. Reason -  petty.

    Human rights?

  • Natasha,
    If it's really because he wrote on a blog then the act is condemnable, not only because of human rights but even from freedom of expression's point of view.

  • Natasha, now this gets interesting. What are human rights according to you. And please not to cite some document or other as an answer. For you personally I mean? I see no human rights anywhere in the world. There is was just one human right I knew about: the right to life. And this has been respected nowhere as far as I know. Steal as much as you can from Africa, that was a right. But i the right to food for Africans has been recognised in no west document at all. How about the right to be safe from war. Go ask Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries including our own. Any sign of a document there or any application of that basic principle which requires no legislation, seems to me.

    Human rights is just a PR ploy of the west to further its various agendas.

  • Mirza Ghalib,

    We can talk about human rights violations endlessly.

    Surprising to see you find it so difficult to condemn something so ridiculous.


    Thank you for your response. I must add that we should not get into 'hidden intentions' behind starting a thread instead of concentrating on what is actually being said.

  • Ok, Natasha, I give up. Terrible to give someone 19 years for blogging.

    But before I leave this thread, may I point out something else as well. This freedom of speech business, that's another ploy. It helps people let off steam and therefore they become less dangerous in the long run to the powers that be.. Pakistan has understood that too. Hence our own present state of relative freedom. Let's make the most of it while it lasts.