Drone attacks , CIA and our dear Zardari

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    <span>In early 2009, counterinsurgency

    gurus David Kilcullen and Andrew Exum aired their concerns that American drone

    strikes in Pakistan [might not be all

    that productive](http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/02/kilcullen-says/) — a tactic for knocking off individual terrorists, maybe,

    not a strategy for wiping out Al Qaeda’s haven. The pair caught all kinds of

    flak from military and intelligence officials for the suggestion. But months

    earlier, we now learn, the director of the CIA was expressing similar

    reservations to the White House.

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    Hayden wasn’t opposed to the drones. In fact, he persuaded Pakistani president

    Asif Ali Zardari to go along with a major escalation in the robotic campaign

    against Al Qaeda’s leaders. “Kill the seniors,” Zardari replied, in Woodward’s

    recounting. **“Collateralal damage worries you Americans. It does not worry

    me.”** Drone strikes went from one or two a year to [34 attacks in the last

    year of the Bush administration](http://counterterrorism.newamerica.net/drones). (That was only “80 percent” of the

    Agency’s worldwide unmanned strikes, Hayden told Obama.) And if a

    Pakistani-based terrorist ever managed to strike inside the United States, the CIA had a “retribution plan”

    to strike at least 150 camps in Pakistan.<br style="">

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  • Are his PPP fellows listing to this?  He's a scumbag.  The lowest type of person one could possibly imagine.  And he's our leader.

  • @Natasha
    CIA chief warned obama in 09 drone strikes wont win war
    That's why wise Obama started using gunship helicopters as well :-P

  • well guys believe me,
    you will have to wait till this govt ends. no other way out.

    no point in whining really over drones! then Nawaz Sharif Saahab will come, then you all will have to wait till his govt ends lolll....

    only way out is to support
    either Imran Khan who is nonfeudal oristocratic type person, yaa I may disagree on his policies but still atleast he is capable of bringing grass roots to power and taking viable stand against US drones.

    other way out is MQM.
    get the grassroots to power.

  • okay, answer one key question. If an Alqaeda top leader is hiding in tribal areas, do you think US has enough ground to strike with a drone? I think main objective must be to clear our tribal areas from Taliban/Alq so it does not even give US reason to drone us. kya khayaal hai?

    if we have filth on our land, we're pretty much asking for it, we are not in a position to speak.

  • Nota,

    wise indeed!


    What's MQM's stance on drones may I know?

  • Azaabe Ilaahi is swift as the drones themselves  Subhan'Allah


    Army suicides are increasing at astronomical rate.

    Four soldiers from the Fort Hood Army base in Texas -- all decorated veterans from the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan -- died in the past week, a Fort Hood spokesman said Wednesday.

    In all four cases, it appears the soldiers took their own lives, spokesman Christopher Haug said.

    If confirmed as suicides, it would be on top of 14 other suicides on the huge base in central Texas already this year. Base officials called a news conference for Wednesday afternoon to discuss the issue.

  • @ Natasha, As far as I have seen and heard myself, MQM's stance is clearly against the drone attacks, but its also clearly to eradicate terrorist elements from our tribal area for safety of Pakistan itself. If you check out Mustafa Kamal's speeches in Harvard and Columbia he makes it clear to the educated scholarly elites of USA that drone bombs are only making things worse. The collateral damage is just too much. For 1 AlQ person, many many innocent people will die and resentment is created. its all about Pakistani ambassadors themselves, they are to weak and frail and will never make a case for Pakistan.leadership is key and for this govt and the next Sharif one, I dont think there will be much change in Pakistan's foreign policy on drones.

    All blame goes to Musharraf, he started it, he messed everything up... had he not allowed drone attacks a good trend would have been set.

  • Who is Mustafa Kamal? Why so much importance to this clown? The election of mayors in Pakistan is same as the Western countries where mafia always run the show  and are elected as mayors from the Chicago thug  Mayor Daly  to Zionist thug Bloomberg  of New York. What is so great about Harvard and Columbia anyway?  Every Tom, Dick and Harry gets invited to such institution  which also produce war crminals.

    I want to hear if Mustafa Kamal went to Makkah or Madina not Harvard or Columbia.

  • lol Rahman bhaai aap thora jazbaati ho rahe hain. when I said Harvard and Columbia, I meant that Mustafa Kamal has the guts to speak against drone attacks at the most elitest of institutions in US. which shows MQM's stand and MKs guts. if Mustafa Kamal does not hold much importance to you, thats totally up to you. Most Karachites and many Pakistanis look up to him just remember that.

    I think you have generalized Western mayors alltogether in one bunch of "mafia", thats wrong.

  • QM,

    Talking about 'guts' , please tell me if they ever held a rally where they talked against drone attacks as strongly as they did in Afia's case or any other issue of concern - inside Pakistan.

  • They ought to fire a hellfire on Zardari's a$$