Our 3 months and 48 hours slogans

  • On January 14, 2010 I complained to the Sindh Ombudsman when my one letter addressed to a particular section of the KDA Civic Centre came back undelivered as no body in that 8 storey building accepted that.I had addressed another complain on 02 October 2009 on the subject of Mehran Town Housing Scheme.Against my both the above two complaints till today I have not received even a single acknowledgement let alone disposal of complaints within three months.

    Very proudly as our different organization do, the Sindh Ombudsman Office invites people “Complaint About Us”.Against one of my complaint I had regularly been writing to the concerned investigation officer of his Secretariat for knowing the progress.After a long silence all of a sudden a bomb shell came that the complaint was “dropped due to non prosecution”.Non prosecution from which side?From my side who had regularly been sending reminders or non prosecution from the investigation officer side?

    On 24 December 2009 I filed a formal complaint on this matter under “Complaint About Us” but despite reminders till today I have not got even a single acknowledgement confirming a general belief that home accountability anywhere, in any department, in our system is an alien word having been invented by “Kafirs” except keep raising slogans of our proficiency and this and that.Once I addressed the DG CDA which letter also came back as no one in KDA Office received that.When I filed a formal complaint with Sindh Ombudsman as no acceptance of a letter by a government addressee was an act of mal administration the Sindh Ombudsman Office (perhaps in 2003 or 2004) asked the City Nazim to submit his report/rejoinder on the complaint.Till then I am constantly keep reminding the Sindh Ombudsman Office what happened further.Would one believe during all these years I have never got any response.Perhaps from 2003/04 three months have not passed so far.The State Bank of Pakistan has an on line help desk. Actually all such complaint cells or helpdesk are usually to fool the nation and fill up the stomach of the files.I filed a complaint on that SBP Helpdesk when the system told me within 48 hours someone will contact me. Later whenever I reminded the same ritual of new 48 hours started.More than 10,000 hours have passed no body ever contacted me.This old man today wise of his age has stopped wondering on slogans of 3 months complaints decision or 48-hours response etc. These are I realize today in this age are merely to justify one’s livelihood and functioning of the organ. An office or institution which so ever it may be if can not take note of that what it "copied" from elsewhere does need to make appreciate changes before "copy/paste" and which office which can not take display its own correct contact address it is my firm belief can not deliver what is expected from such an office.I had been the biggest supporter and admirer of ombudsman system in Pakistan during 80s and 90s.The learned from M.S. Zafar was of the view that my so much confidence on the system was my contribution towards strengthening the ombudsman system in Pakistan.

    Today I believe the nation is wasting huge on running so many ombudsmen and it is a year or so back I addressed a Public Interest Litigation Appeal to the Honourable SC that the whole ombudsman system be de-established and thus saved money be spent on human rights wing/suto moto section of the SC which can benefit much much better this nation on issues of larger community interest. But perhaps my said appeal disappeared in mail.

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