Saleem shehzad gets control of mqm

  • Saleem shahzad is one dirtiest egg in MQM.... he created more mess in MQM then any other person....

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  • I personally believe Saleem Shahzad is the actual architect and planner of Dr Imran Farooq's murder,even Altaf wasn't taken into confidence before carrying out the hit. Altaf later had no choice but to do the drama of shedding crocodile tears as naturally he was the one who had differences with Imran Farooq so not surprisingly fingers were to be pointed towards him..

  • Just watch that crocodile tears drama video of Altaf, Saleem Shahzad's body language and movements are far more artificial and that absconding impostor is clearly identifiable

  • Like expakistani said this guy is one of the major reason why MQM get labeled as terrorist organization. Many educated and prudent folks in MQM want the whole movement to be peaceful,as they know that MQM can achieve its goals and more by remaining peaceful,but that guy hiding in London directly controls unit and sector terrorists he plans,orchestrates terror plans and then pass down orders to sector and unit terrorists. Local leadership only gets to know about the mess once it gets really dirty and uncontrollable and out of hand. Then they're expected to do the damage control..

  • jub ummat jaisay akhbarat chapein gay, or un ko awaam ki pazeerai milay gee, tou zahir hai ummat ka yehi haal hona hai jo pakistan mein ho raha hai

  • It has been due to their own deeds they are labeled as what they are known to be.

    Ummat is a mere ripple; Saleem Shahzad's gestures and body language was enough of a sign indicating a blunder of/at a massive scale has been committed this time.

    There are many in MQM who are capable. Why not a much needed change for good..MQM will gain a lot without Altaf.

  • But one thing is for sure, its not "all well" situation inside MQM and this is the first time Altaf Hussain is sensing some weak control over his Party.

  • @SAR Rizvi,

    Sorry bhaijaan, hum MQM kay Propaganda Cell, sorry, media cell kee khabrain tu pharnay say rahay....Ummat hee theek hai.

  • Is saleem shehzad from hyderabad.The report says that hyderabad group has control on nine zero.

    It also says that saleem shahzad wanted to immediatelly come back to karachi to tighten his grip on the party.

    Another reason could be that he fears being arrested soon in connection with imran farooq murder.

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  • @siddiqi73

    Yani Geo, ARY, Express, Ajj, Dawn yeh saray sources MQM k Media cell k hain????Agar App ko Umaat ki Daba Khabrain genuine lagtin hain???Lagta hai app shayad Tribal Agency mai Reh rahay hu....

  • Saleem Shezad taking over Party means that MQM's opponent should start Packing their Bags from where ever MQM operates and like Jamatees, PPI(Punjabi Pakhtun Ittehad) and MQM Haqiqi in the Past cause this would get NASTY for them in the future....I think now People would have Understand the Value of Altaf Hussain for MQM by this Daba Khabar of daba Akhbar(Umaat)....

  • Dabba Dabba DAbba dabba

    Ummat akbar Dabba .....

    get a life ummat readers.

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  • @ghazi,

    Yeah bro, Karachi has really become a Tribal Region now; thanks to the boys in MQM!

  • siddiqi,

    you have shown your level of thinking with that comment.

    thanks for showing your ignorance by calling Karachi "Tribal Region"... beautiful


    Staff Report

    KARACHI: MQM leader Salim Shahzad called on British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and requested him to ensure the early arrest of Dr. Imran Farooq's killers.

    The meeting between the two took place on the sidelines of a local function in London on Tuesday.

    The MQM leader urged Mr. Clegg to utilize all possible resources to nab the culprits. The British deputy premier said that the police was doing all it can to arrest the killers. SAMAA

  • ummat may jab gaddar mir jaffer payda hotay hay to nation ki yah haal hota hay

    Royen Wo jo munkar hain shahadat e HUSSAIN k.. ..

    HUM zinda o Javed ka matam nahi kartay. . .