Gov't to impose Three New Taxes on Poor/Middle Class: MQM Stays Quiet

  • Flood Tax

    <div>VAT/Reformed General Sales Tax</div>

    <div>Property Tax for Urban Areas.</div>

    <div>Once again MQM is doing an excellent Job to represent the Middle class in Parliament by staying quiet on all these issues and going along with these taxes. No mention of capital gains tax, agriculture tax. </div>

  • huh what? whats wrong in a flood tax? why do you want MQM to speak against it?

    do you know how much army was working hard when we were sleeping in our beds? we should be happy in paying the flood tax  as our nation is in great debt. ofcourse public will be charged for all the services the army offered, it cannot be for free.

  • lol 1/3 of the pkpolitics threads page is filled with MQM related topics.
    I guess MQM is the new phenomenon... has been for a while.

  • Ouch!
    Went to buy cigarettes. Used to be Rs 85 for the pack. Overnight it has gone to Rs. 110 -- a 25% increase though the tax increase is supposedly around 10%....

  • @nota
        Get a TT and use it at Paan Ke dukahn,   you Gold leaf or K-2 would be free for life.
     Discount  Pakistan Style!!!

    ** @GKM
     how can we justify
     **Property Tax for Urban Areas but no Tax yet on Agri lands of Waderas?

    High GST but no recovery for loan defaulters  ?

  • @expakistani
    lol @ get a TT :)

    I dont know I cant explain the no tax on Agri lands of Waderas. Thats a good question.

  • Govt has imposed flood tax on those ...who are already flooded with taxes ....

    only salaried class is running the show for this country .

    as long as tax revenue is concerned .

    a fruit seller income is not on record .

    he just pay Bhatta to Police or MQM and get his business running ...nothing goes into national exchequer out of his pocket .

    a feudal lord , an industrialist , a bureaucrat, a politician assumes that he is exempted from taxation process ...

    their income is not on record anywhere .

    so at the end of the day ;only salaried class pays the taxes . whatsoever .

    because they are the only class , who has their income on record .

    and before they get salary in their hands , they got cut their due taxes before that .

    so we are the most suppressed class of this nation .

    i pay more tax than Zardari , Nawaz , Shahbaz , Wali Khan and Fouzia Wahab .

    i pay tax on my salary ...i pay tax on my car ....

    i pay tax on every soap i purchase ...every cooking oil or any commodity i purchase .

    i pay tax when i sit in a Restaurant with my friends or family ...

    and u all do the same ....

    where to go ????

    any idea ????

    how to get the money out of richest of the richest mouth ?

    to balance the taxation system out ???

  • ya i agree,

    WHY IS THERE nooo tax on agriculturalists?

    no special agritax?

    feudals are safe. I think MQM will take notice of this.

  • how much tax Altaf , Farooq Sattar,Baber Ghuari , Waseem Akhtar and Nasreen Jalil pays ???

    any idea ?

  • No, if I was part of MQM I would tell you happily :)

    Im not, I dont have any inside information of how much $$$ their bank accounts hold and how much property ect... or how much taxes they pay themselves. I can only judge them by what they say, how they say, and their actions, motives.

    anyways, Altaf is not Pakistani citizen so I really doubt he pays tax in Pakistan anymore.

    I happen to know MK a lot since I follow him a lot, and I've learned he is not a too much welloff guy, lives in a average house... so I think he probably pays taxes accordingly. the rest i dont know... I know about where they started from for sure, they were extremely lower middle class type people, ofcourse they are much more welloff than that now after making careers in this field.

  • MQM just opposed new taxes including IMF sponsored reformed GST

  • MQM is gonna oppose everything from now onwards .

    as it has seen it bad days coming with Zardari .

    they simply wanna jump out of Titanic .

  • IMF sponsored reformed GST would be basically suicidal for poor pakistani public which is already facing severe economic hardships and living hand to mouth on day to day basis. We do need to be self reliant there is no two opinion about it. But for that our govt needs to cut down its insane and unjustifiable expenses. They can't go on squeezing Poor public and businesses while not setting there house in order. Businesses would love to pay taxes but When Dakus and bhathakhors are at the helm of affairs then who would like giving taxes to govt when they'll know all to well that all of their hard earned money would be eaten up by these notorious plunderers.

    STOP taking loans from IMF and other notorious lenders to finance your(Govt's) insanely extravagant and lavish lifestyle,These lenders would keep on squeezing the public and their demands would keep on increasing. Instead of taking loans with strings and unjustifiable demands attached tax the public yourself and use that money prudently.

  • Nota,

    Wasn't there something like an increase of 1 RE per cigarette in the last budget announcement?

  • Govt. has ban the ten cigarette and only 20 cigarette will now be available and yes some new tax will also be imposed.This is to dicourage the habit

  • And in my case Govt. faile to discourage me so far.LoL

  • Cigarettes and everything harmful for the health and society must be heavily taxed if not outrightly banned.

  • For me the TV Cable which allows me to watch 100 channels for just Rs 300/month is more harmful for our society the my "Poor Pack of Cigarettes" LoL

  • MQM one of of the pakistani political party which is taking and doin some paracticaly efforts infavour of poor and middle class and against fudalist so no one cant say mqm quite against these problems

  • please must watch if you wanna see Real face of MQM

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    ARY NEWS : Relief Activities in flood affected areas by ( KKF ) & MQM : Mustafa Kamal

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