Threat to Altaf Hussain is Because of the Threat of Altaf Hussain...

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    It was some 32 years ago when a

    young boy had stood up against the injustice with him and with his fellows;

    they were eligible for Admission in a University where they were being refused.

    Following their righteous demand University Administration had to admit them

    all in the Department of Pharmacy. This youngster was Altaf Hussain, a middle

    class citizen, who became the Supreme Leader of Pakistan’s Third Largest

    Political Party, MQM. He proved if we stand firmly on our rights no one would dare

    to shake us.

    Subsequent events, after their

    admission in the University had lead this young boy to emerge a new student’s

    wing for the deprived people, unfit in an environment where there were people

    from different ethnic origins with their Name Plates. These deprived people had

    their own identity but no recognition. He formed APMSO (All Pakistani Muhajir

    Students Organization) which subsequently emerged as “Muhajir Qoumi Movement”, and

    gradually turned to what is now known as Muttahidda Qoumi Movement, the third

    largest Political Party of Pakistan.

    It was not easy for a young boy from

    a middle class background to form a Students Group and make it the Third

    Largest Party of a Country of 170 Million; for this he devoted his life,

    sacrificed his family, worked hard round the clock and preached that philosophy

    which was unique in its nature for the people who were in majority but living a

    slavery life under a Elite Class Minority.

    During this voyage, Altaf Hussain

    continued proving his ability, wisdom and Leadership Qualities that once he decides

    something in public’s interest, he completes it, no matter what hurdles he


    The history proves that what Karachi

    was before MQM, when it taken the charge of the city, its Mayor Dr. Farooq

    Sattar in 1980s and later Syed Mustafa Kamal in 2004 onwards done marvelous

    development in the city, which proved that Mr. Altaf Hussain is not only a wise

    man but also a competent teacher too, who not only guide his men but make them

    a Master Piece. This is not limited to Karachi

    only, Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan is a living example of Good

    Governance and another Gem of Mr. Hussain.

    Mr. Hussain was attacked 2 times

    in late 80s, till date he receives life threats from known and unknown corners,

    but it never made him afraid. Recently he had written an open letter to the

    workers of MQM exposing serious life threats to him from international powers,

    though one may consider it as a message issued in great shock, but if one would

    dare to see what is beneath there, he would find that Mr. Hussain is the first

    person in the history of Pakistan to challenge the status quo. He not only had

    exposed the Real Problems of Pakistan (which is Feudalism and Corrupt Politicians)

    but also had started struggle against this system from the very beginning, which

    is prevailing in the society for last 100s of years.

    When the US and NATO Army landed

    and engaged in the North West Borders of Pakistan in war against terror with

    Taliban and Al-Qaida, Mr. Hussain was the only one who warned Pakistani

    Officials of the upcoming threat of Taliban Terrorism and Extremism for the

    first time; though Pakistan had already suffered it but he predicted severe


    There are different forces/agencies

    working against Pakistan, some of them are open and some of them are under

    cover; <span> </span>they use black sheep of our

    society to destabilize the country through terrorism. The series of Suicide

    Bomb Blasts is an example which not only killed thousands of innocent civilians

    but also harmed the economy a lot. Another factor is international finance or

    aid agencies backed by the Developed Countries who use these institutions as

    the new tool for colonization. They target our Economy and indirectly our Society.

    Against their Aid they force our Government and Establishment to impose their

    desired economic & foreign<span> </span> policies

    in the country, which most of the times are against the ground realities and

    need of time, but our Governments being Economically depending on these

    institutions have no other option but to accept their conditions. These Aid

    institutions also have their interest in the political and economical

    instability of Pakistan,

    so that the country would always be depending on them and they fulfill their

    agenda in the region.

    When Mr. Hussain had given a call

    for Revolution, there were millions to welcome him, but yet there were powerful

    opponents too, who sees their interest in this rotten system or who work on

    foreign instructions for few dollars. Neither these black sheeps nor their

    Foreign Masters want any such major changes in Pakistan. Their existence depends

    on this system based on injustice and instability. <span>Initially Corrupt Feudal and Political Elements and their Foreign

    Masters did not take Mr. Hussain seriously, after the world have seen what

    marvels Mr. Hussain and his party have done to the Karachi, they<span> </span> realized that if Mr. Hussain and his party

    could get a chance to develop the country, they would change the system, they

    were afraid of the increasing popularity and warm welcome of Mr. Hussain’s MQM

    in other areas of the country too, that is why, they started maligning the

    image of MQM <span> </span>making conspiracies.</span>

    <span> </span>

    Initially when Mr. Hussain and

    his party were confined to urban centers of Sindh and trying to expend in whole

    country, only the local lords were afraid of it. In result it faces a decade

    long crush operation, but now, with its roots deep in every corner of country

    and repeatedly calling for Revolution it become a threat for International

    Protectors of Imperialism. It seems that, they start feeling it a danger like

    socialism or communism.

    The recently published reports in

    International Media portray them as acting like conspiracy theorist, publishing

    news without references, overlooking facts, and hyping speculations. The

    supporters of status quo and corrupt system don’t want Mr. Hussain and MQM to

    bring revolution, to awaken people of Pakistan and to bring Major Changes

    in the society. For them MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain is a big threat to their

    unconditional rule on the country and its people. In past, several MQM

    officials have been killed in Pakistan,

    but the recent assassination of MQM’s founding member Dr. Imran Farooq in London, is a depiction of

    the serious threats to MQM’s leadership abroad.

    In an Interview on 25<sup>th</sup>

    October 2007, with Financial Post Editor, MQM Convener Dr. Imran Farooq defines

    MQM Struggle as:

    <span class="apple-style-span">_<span>“We don't believe in socialism or

    communism, we only believe in practicalism and realism. Equality is the only

    option for Pakistan,

    which would help the country to stand at par with some of the most developed

    countries across the globe, which have put special emphasis on equality.”</span>_</span>

    Those who are threatened by MQM’s

    Chief Altaf Hussain and his struggle are threatening him. May Allah keep him

    safe and succeed this struggle to uplift Pakistan and its people.

  • @Syed Kashif Nawaz

    <div>"<span class="Apple-style-span">May Allah keep him </span><span class="Apple-style-span">safe and succeed this struggle to uplift Pakistan and its people.</span>"</div>

    <div>Amin ... But could you please explain why all of a sudden Altaf Hussein blasted "international establishment", if there is such thing. Is it possible that he feels threatened that they (British investigators) may see him  behind Imran Farooq's assassination and before they formally charge him he is crying foul.</div>

  • shirazi bhai, Altaf Hussain has nothing to do with Imran Farooq's assasination... why he is crying about feeling threatened has nothing to do with a so called "murder"

    infact, Altaf Hussain feels threatened because if agencies are able to reach Imran Farooq, he feels they can reach him as well.

  • MQM people always has been killed by their own ppl .

    and every terrorist and pressure group has the same procedure of killing their opponents within the party .

    so no surprises , if Imran Farooq killing has been linked with Altaf Hussain .

    its their party tradition .

  • "if agencies are able to reach Imran Farooq, he feels they can reach him as well."

    Thanks God, this time Altaf Bhai is blaming the international establishment not the Pakistani one!!!

    He moved up the ladder (in his own thinking)to international figure status.

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