Pakistan army will you please stand up.

  • Nato conducts another attack inside Pakistan. Kills 3 FC men.

    If you can't protect your own citizens from drone attacks at least protect your own fellow army folks from Nato.

    These bullets for the helicopter gunships, guns, are brought through Pak and used on Pak army.

    Will you guys wake up and defend your own? Otherwise go back and leave the billions and billions of budget(which thus far is being used to kill our own) for other things like education and feeding the poor people.

  • Zoab Khan

    Pak Army is there to Help Nato Force and to keep security measure to enhance the operation of Nato Force.

    What are u Talking about?

  • woh kisi zaroori kaam se so rahe hain - please don't disturb.

  • Pak-Fauj is disgrace to all pakistanis. they can't even protect their own soldiers. Shame on You Kiyani. Shame on You Rao Qamar Suleman.

  • I have been a big fan of Pak army. It is their duty to save the lives and property of its people from foreign attack. But they are so silent on this!! The attacks continue and no end to killing our people in Khyber Pakhtoonkha.

    And they are not worried a wee bit about the collateral damage!!

    Our army:

    Piadai hain so darain sar mundatai naee se

    Sawar gir parain sotai main charpayee se

    Kare jo khwab me ghora unhon ke neeche ulool

    And this one:

    Farshe makhmal pe mere paaon chile jatai hain

    Kela khanai se mere daant hilai jatain hain.

  • angraiz naraaz hojaye ga aur daalar bhi nahi milay ga

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I believe, people in Pak Army are 'knowingly' pushing the 'date' for 'war' with unjust people, into the future.

    They know, we will not be able to win this war, this time. For we are not standing on righteous grounds, since we the people of this nation, we have not conducted ourselves as per standards of justice of Islam.

  • I dont think Kayani will take that step on his own... to defend the land.

    He has to make sure parliament is with him, Zardari is with him.

    As we all know, our politicians have let the nation down and they themselves are allowing drones... so right now Kayani will not take that step on his own and he is strictly obeying civilians.

  • They are just telling us that if we can hit tribal area we can can any place in pakistan weather Islamabad, karachi lahore.Bu I think their next target will be Balouchistan.

  • "Pakistan army will you please stand up"

    Army: Yes Sir!

    General, US army ke bat nahi ho rahi, pak army ke bat ho rahi hai, ap baith jaye.

    Begharati ke INTIH HAI!!!!!

  • Well said Revivalist

  • This post is deleted!

  • Each time they stand up they do it for grab or to harm our land.

  • کوئی اور بات کرو یارو پوچھو آئندہ فتح اسلام آباد کی بابت

  • What are ya talkin about, Pakistani army does stand up.

    Not only they stand up, they also say 'aye aye sarge' to Obama, Hillary, Petarus, Muller and Holbroke.

  • there is resentment in army at middle rank officers, that is why kiyani can't just do whatever he wants to do because implementation is only done by middle managers -Colonel/Major rank manage the field operations.

    that is why kiyani has a vast network of monitoring these officers, one major is spying on other major without knowing who is doing what..

  • Maybe army showing some manhood by stopping the Nato trucks.

    And maybe having their own people torch the trucks in Shikarpur. Now if Zardari, Gilani, Awan, Malik tola goes

    things can change for the better where we start thinking of our own interest.

  • It is clear that double game of army and isi can no longer continue. They either have to come out clearly in support of their own taliban creation and declare jihad against america or come out in full support of america and finish of their taliban assets.

    This neither here nor their approach is destined for failure. Of course, pakistan will lose any conventional war with america, which will ultimately and hopefully lead to disbandment of the army establishment.

  • At the moment they (Army) are waiting for a total collapse of current Govt and Pir Pagara has become active under the instructions of Army to take control in case PPP fails; Sharifs are still NOT in the good books of Army. One thing is certain; Musharraf Martial Law was not the last Army rule in Pakistan.