Pakistan cuts NATO supply line after border firing

  • PARACHINAR, Pakistan (30.9.10) – Pakistan blocked a vital supply route for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan on Thursday in apparent retaliation for an alleged cross-border helicopter strike by the coalition that killed three Pakistani frontier troops.

    The blockade appeared to be a major escalation in tensions between Pakistan and the United States.

    A permanent stoppage of supply trucks would place massive strains on the relationship between the two countries and hurt the Afghan war effort. Even a short halt is a reminder of the leverage Pakistan has over the United States at a crucial time in the 9-year-old war.

    By midmorning, a line of around 100 NATO vehicles was waiting to cross the border into Afghanistan, officials said.

    "We will have to see whether we are allies or enemies," Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said of the border incident, without mentioning the blockade.

    NATO said it was investigating Pakistani reports that coalition aircraft had mistakenly attacked its forces. The coalition has on at least one other occasion acknowledged mistakenly killing Pakistani security forces stationed close to the border.

    Over the weekend, NATO helicopters fired on targets in Pakistan at least two times, killing several suspected insurgents they had pursued over the border from Afghanistan. Pakistan's government protested the attacks, which came in a month during which there have been an unprecedented number of U.S. drone missile strikes in the northwest, inflaming already pervasive anti-American sentiment among Pakistanis.

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    U.S. Kills Three Pakistani Defence Force Troopers

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    If Pakistan has really done this, then thumbs up. ALL! the best to us.

  • خبر نہيں کيا ہے نام اس کا، خدا فريبي کہ خود فريبي

  • HK, exactly my own feeling. Except that, having got to know the powers that be a bit better, I can't take anything they claim at face value.

    Another blogger has just pasted something similar above and has entitled his piece: Rahman Malik's Topi Drama.

    The one interest of this article is that some small change in behaviour on our part. The question Natasha asks on her most recent thread is also an important one. Unfortunately I do not know the annswer. Do you, HK?

  • A Topi Drama by Rehman Malik. •Certainly it is a part of a PR campaign. A slave does not have any audacity to haggle for a small piece of bread.

    Mods please close my thread.

  • If Pakistan has really done this, then thumbs up. ALL! the best to us.

    Yeah they have taken up steroids and flexed the muscle a little.

  • Hope they make a habit of taking steroids, flex their muscles a little more often and show sôme backbone at long last.

    And this refers as much to government as to the Pak army which appears to be, slowly but surely, turning into the Shame of the Nation army. A steroids diet for them too would do no harm.

  • hariskhan WROTE,

    If Pakistan has really done this,

    A Topy darama by ours beloved burocrates and pppp government

  • We have left with such childish SIYASAT with US.

    But it will never save the Soul of Pakistan.

    Siyasat Nahi Bachaya Kerthi.

    Bakry ki maan kb tak khair manaye gi.......

  • This is in response to the passivity of the pakistani Government towards the current NATO Strikes……I wonder ,,,,

    Where the hell is our defense minister??????? Why is he silent against the voilation of our teritorial limits???????

    Where has gone the Foreign minister??? Why is he not raising his voice on international front against the offense by the foreign troops?????

    Where are the So called JAMHORI and AWAMI leaders of the country, why are they not considering this incident as a full fledge war on the soverignity of the state???

    Where is the Army??? Why didn’t they reacted ?????

    We, the Paksitani love to talk about our Nuclear Assests and are proud of our sixth Largest Army of the world, who don’t even have the capacity ( or courage watsoever) to defend the pakistani soil…….

  • they will respond . when the lavish palaces will become the target .

  • MG

    Quote- " but surely, turning into the Shame of the Nation army. A steroids diet for them too would do no harm. "

    I thought you are a thoughtfull , serious and contemplative sort of person.

    Why this comment from you ?

  • Shimatoree, sorry to have shocked you. Was using Bo's language simply. As for my relations with the Pak army, over the past year or so, it has been a roller coaster affair. I can no longer understand how a self-respecting army can bomb its own people and allow invaders to do the same. I could not understand how this very same army could allow thousands to be submerged under water to save a few lousy planes, etc. My trust deficit towards them has grown so steadily, I must now admit to complete sovereign default.

  • MG-

    Any army is a professional organization. Each and every soldier is taught to follow orders. Based on the constitutional impreatives they follow orders.

    The army is not a young prostitute that caters to each and every whim of either the politicians or others .

    In Pakistan- the army recognises that they are the central institution that must maintain the country as no one else is.

    Now it has happened that one senior pfficer( corrupt) like Musharraf was bought/ intimidated by those on the outside and you may call it a fault that those in teh army did not rebel- instead they followed orders.

    That is what soldiers do and that is what they are taught to do.

    Should they have rebeled against the 9/11 polcies of Musharraf. I think they should have but then I am expecting them to get away from what they are taught.

    If you wish to have a thinking army- well then you have a problem.

    The people who claim to be the thinking leaders are thinking with their back sides and getting rich by the minute.

    Perhaps someone in the army will stand up but if they do not- I will not blame them because that is the nature of the breed- follow orders.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry Shimatoori, I agree to MG on this subject.

    You say that the army is not a young prostitute....., I agree she is not young but nevertheless our army is a prostitute, how otherwise she would sell the national pride for material gains?

  • Sorry Shimatoori for my hasty comment, without even reading your entire post. Like always you have a strong point here that can't be ruled out.

  • shimatoree, You speak striaghtforwardly as is your wont. No beating about the bush. You are right to say the army is no prostitute. And yet TL is also right to claim it's not one, yet behaving like one. Come to think of it, a prostitute usually has some excuse for behaving the way she does, she has herself to feed and other dependents as well, perhaps. the Pak army has more money to its name than it knows what to with it.

    I agree about Musharraf. His doings have half killed us. I started off from the principle, which still holds, that the army is the only remaining viable institution in this country. Do I want a thinking army, shimatoree? Yes, I do, God help me. And mainly I want an honest army. And also an army that does its job and is not simply at the beck and call of a foreign power which is trying to decimate us in small doses. Shimatoree, surely you can understand the great pain one might feel to have to acknowledge that really the slogan does fit the case: beghairat quom, beghairat fauj.

    TL, For heaven's sake. Do behave from now on. We don't want to lose you as well to some foolish outburst. Thanks.

  • Quetta Route still open.

    Why are Idiots at GHQ and Parliament think that we are idiots and don't know anything.