MQM's terrorist share their stories--How they became Terrorist

  • MQM's terrorist share their stories--How they became Terrorist

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  • These are just some of the MQMized unit and sector terrorists

    among the dozens who were arrested after MQM Altaf killed almost 100 innocent poor working class pakhtuns and burnt hundreds of vehicles,push carts,shops and public transport.


    MQM Altaf's unit terrorist killed 100 innocent Karachiites:



    MQM Altaf's ‘target killers’ and professional arsonists arrested:

    ** (DAILY TIMES)

  • Four ‘target killers’ held in Karachi

    Staff Report

    KARACHI: Four political workers(belonging to MQM Altaf) have been arrested allegedly over charges of targeted killings and arson cases in the city, police sources said on Monday.

    Police sources said the Rangers arrested Akram, Shariq, Emran and Atif in Gulistan-e-Jauhar from a car bearing registration number AQR-887 and a Kalashnikov, two TT pistols and a 9mm pistol were seized from their possession.


    Police sources further said the arrested persons were involved in around dozen targeted killing incidents including that of two Punjabi Pakhtun Ittehad activists namely Amjad and Fayyaz Kala at the Rashid Minhas Road in Sharah-e-Faisal police limits on July 13, and two Pakhtun brothers near the Perfume Chowk in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. They were also involved in various cases of arson and riots, sources added.


    Sources also said the suspects have been handed over to the East Zone Investigation Police-I SSP Niaz Khoso. Khoso could not be reached for comments whereas Sharah-e-Faisal and Shah Faisal police SHOs denied the arrests.

  • A well-placed source privy to the investigations told Dawn that three suspects had been arrested within the remit of the Sharea Faisal police station during the latest spate of targeted killings following the MPA’s assassination.


    The suspects said to be associated to a political party during the questioning carried out by a joint interrogation team (JIT) disclosed that they had received directives on their cellphones to go out and “hit a certain number of persons by carrying out targeted killings”.**

    **During the JIT interrogation, the suspects confessed to having killed several persons in different parts of the city, sources said.


    The police have retrieved the SMS details from the suspects’ cellphones containing text messages, informing them about the positions of deployment of police and Rangers, the officer said.

    The sources said 90 per cent of the killings had taken place in the streets where security forces were not deployed.

    Similarly, on the basis of the interrogation, the sources said that in most cases targeted killings were carried out with licensed weapons.

    Talking to the media on Thursday, the city police chief said that the east zone police had arrested two suspects belonging to a political party and who had taken part in targeted killings.,+says+karachi+ccpo--bi-07

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    Quaidkamazaar.... paying tribute to the great symbol of Karachi. all respect goes to Quaid-e-Azam, the true leader who's dream is being unfulfilled.

  • Quaid-e-Azam being the great symbol of Karachi ONLY? Wow, that actually explains a lot.

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    I said, QUaidKAmazaar, or QUaid's Maosoleum, that is symbol of Karachi. Like Minar-e-Pakistan is symbol of Lahore.

    Not Mr. Jinnah.

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